Scrapping the Day Away

I haven’t been on the internet today because I was off scrapbooking from 9 in the morning until 8 tonight.  Can’t remember if this was for National Scrapbooking Day or not but a large group of us all gathered in a hall and scrapped the day away.  Here’s my friend Linda working away.  She had quite the day.  Halfway through the day, her computer ran out of available space.  So off she had to go to Best Buy and ended up with a Thumb Drive (is that what you call it) to put some of her storybooks on until she could get home later tonight to transfer them to her external hard drive.

When she finally got back, she began the process of transferring some of the things she had been working on over to the thumb drive to free up space on her laptop but suddenly, she got an error message.  Turns out that she had completely filled up that flash drive as well.  Poor kid!  She just wasn’t having any luck.  Thank goodness that she had at least freed up enough space on her laptop that she could work on another set of digital pages until the end of our session.  Oh, that’s my friend, Karen, another convert to digital scrapbooking working away on her pages.  There were three of us clustered together.  We always enjoy the fact that we don’t have to lug all the paper supplies and tools to these crops.  All we need are our computers, power strips, and our imaginations.  And if we get tired of working on digital scrapbooking, we can always take a break and play some games on our computers or just walk around and look at what others are working on.  It’s a great way to scrapbook.

Throughout the day, they drew names for door prizes.  Look what I won?  A set of pages with pre-made borders.  I still do some occasional pages the traditional way so I’ll be able to use these or maybe I’ll share them with my daughter.  We both love that color of green. 

As always, we have a wonderful spread of food for lunch and for supper.  Everyone brings snacks and desserts to share and food is brought in for our two meals.  So we can snack all day long if we so desire.  It’s going to be bad news at my weigh-in at TOPS on Monday evening, I’m sure, although I really did try to avoid eating non-stop throughout the day.  I managed to do pretty well, too but didn’t do so well at resisting the toffee cookie bars.  And drat, I made them so I knew how good they were, too.  By the time we needed to pack up our supplies and head home, the weather had really turned cold.  My, the wind was really whipping around and it felt more like early November than late April.  What happened to our lovely warm Spring days?

Here’s a graphic for you today.  It’s an old calling card that is actually an advertisement for a fellow who printed calling cards.  It was in amongst my grandmother’s old cards.  The little card with his name was actually inside the little envelope but I took it out so it could be seen.  The little hand with flower bouquet looked to be a sticker that was stuck on the little envelope.  I’m guessing that it is from the late 1800’s since most of the calling cards I have from my grandmother are ones she had as a young lady from that time frame.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • HI!
    Thanks for stopping by my Fave 5 post…your was great. We use Skype a lot also because we live outside the US and all our family is there. It is a miracle what we can do with technology today…
    and speaking of, what is this digital scrpabooking? I still scrap every once in awhile the old fashioned way…how cool to do it digitally!

    Hope to see you around my post again!
    ps-I am originally from PA!

  • you make me jealous every time you go to a scrapbook event! Oh well, maybe when things slow down I can get back to scrapbooking.


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