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I’m still fiddling away with my craft room, trying to restore order to chaos.  I’ve actually made quite a bit of headway and am down to the fine tuning.  Part of that fine tuning involves tackling the cupboards where I’ve just stashed big envelopes of pictures and paper memorabilia, without taking the time to file them or scan them into my photo storing program.  So today I started the scanning and sorting process.  What fun this is!  One thing I am quickly realizing is just what great quality the paper from years ago is.  The high school announcement above is my mother’s high school graduation announcement from 1907.  That paper is just as lovely and pliant as the day it was put in her hands.  I’m not sure the paper we get these days would last as long.

Remember calling cards?  You probably don’t although I confess that I had to order a set of them when I was commissioned in the Navy.  I don’t think I ever used them but I had them, just in case.  This is a calling card from a friend of my grandmother’s.  It probably dates back to the late 1800’s.

Since we just celebrated Easter, I thought you might enjoy this little postcard that was sent to my grandfather in the early 1900’s.  Aren’t those little chicks just the cutest?

I couldn’t resist this postcard.  My mom sent this to my grandfather years ago.  There’s no date on it but I’m guessing that it was probably in the 30’s or 40’s.  I think that’s going to be me when I head down to Texas in a few weeks.  They’d better hide the bon-bons.

I just have an older model scanner but it does a pretty nice job of scanning these images.  So I think in the next few weeks, as I work through these, I’ll try to put up one a day to share with you.  Hopefully you can save the .jpg to use as a graphic, if you so desire.  Some of these are just too cute to hoard for myself.

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