Does Santa Need Another Elf?

I was at my hairdresser’s today for my scheduled appointment and she asked me what I had planned for the rest of the day.  “Oh, I’m going to be working on sewing up pillowcases for holiday gifts,” I answered.  She looked at me quizzically so I continued.

“Each year I make up pillowcases for each of the relatives as fun gifts.  I try to pick fabric that relates to their interests or hobbies.  I’ve actually been doing this for a lot of years so some of my family have acquired quite a collection.  I already made six for this Christmas and I have another fifteen to go,” I told her.

“Wow, she said.  “Will you be all finished with your gifts then?”

“Not exactly,” I continued.  “I also make gifts for all the staff who work on my mom’s wing of the nursing home, all thirty-three of them.  This year I’m making sets of cards for each one.  I take old photos of my mother from her childhood to her early years as a grandmother and tweak them a little with my digital scrapbooking software.  Then I add some sayings like ‘Well-behaved women rarely make history’ and mount them on cardstock.  I did this last year and it was a big hit.  It’s just kind of time-consuming.”

“Have you always been this crafty,” she asked.

“Pretty much,” I replied.  “And every year I leave all of this until the last minute so that I get all stressed out.  Then, after Christmas, I swear that I’m going to start early the next year and not put myself through this again.  Of course, it never happens.”

“When do you relax,” she asked me.

“At night, as I watch TV and knit.  I’m working on a sweater for my granddaughter,” I told her.

“You knit, too?” she said.

“Yup, been knitting since I was twelve,” I replied.  “If I can just get this sweater finished, then I might be able to cast on and do a cabled vest for my grandson before we see them at Christmas.  I’m not holding my breath on that one, though.”

Hmm, with my holiday work ethic, I’m surprised that Santa hasn’t snapped me up for his North Pole elf brigade.  I could probably increase his toy production ten-fold.  “Mush, you little munchkins!”



  • I love your sets of cards idea! I am going to tuck that one away for possible future use. I hope you are able to get all of your gifts finished before december 25. The cabled vest might be a stretch though! 🙂

    • Dee

      I agree with you, Kristie. I’m thinking that vest just might have to wait until after the New Year. Then again……


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