Rudolf Came to Town



After a lovely Christmas service at our son and daughter-in-law’s church here in Texas today, look who we found when we went to pick up little Spud from Sunday School.  It was “Rudolf!”  Spud appeared sporting a red sequin stuck on his nose and wearing construction paper antlers.  It was so cute.  He actually kept the antlers on for some time, too.



After a lovely dinner at Lola’s parents’ home, we headed off to a McDonalds in the area to meet up with the Commander’s brother, who was on his way home from Baton Rouge.  His route would take him through Houston so we were able to meet him and his wife for a quick visit before they had to continue their journey.  It was sure great seeing them again.  The last time we had seen George’s brother, John was at Jason’s wedding five years ago.  That’s much too long a gap!

Slumbering Luke


I guess being Rudolf had worn little Spud out because he slept through the entire visit although his sister took up the slack and helped keep us entertained.  Just as they were heading off to their truck, Spud woke up right on cue.  Little stinker!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and a set of great-grandparents are arriving from out of town.  There will be more family to enjoy, gifts to wrap, and a candlelight service to attend to prepare our hearts to celebrate the best gift of all – the birth of God’s son.  Merry Christmas, all!


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