Roads and Rails Museum Visit

Mountain Passes

I’m visiting our daughter and family for our youngest grandson’s first birthday and today we headed out to nearby Frederick, Maryland to visit the Roads and Rails Museum.  If you are at all interested in model railroading, you really should take the time to see this gem, located in downtown historic Frederick.  You can read about it here and take an awesome virtual tour of the place.

Pet Place Building

The attention to detail is amazing.  One of the fun things to do is to pick up their scavenger quiz sheet as you enter and then try to find the items and answers as you look around the layout.

Cows and Eggnog

Drive-in Theater

Look at the little drive-in theater.  It is actually playing scenes from a movie.  How fun is that?

Aliens have landed

Oh, oh…look who has landed at the farm.  Then again, I always suspected that there was more to Holsteins than met the eye.

Visit the Zoo

There is a little zoo in the layout and one of the quiz questions is to find how many animals are escaping from the zoo.

Bed Bug Motel

When I spied the Bed Bug Motel, I had to take a picture of it for my brother, considering our recent “wildlife” adventure on our sibling trip.

What’s in the woods?

Looks like those hobos better look out behind them.  I think something is coming out of the woods to get them.

Fire, Fire!

Look out!  A building is on fire but those firemen seem to be more interested in the hot dog stand then putting out the flames.

Come in for the Show

Along with a Big Top there is also a carny area filled with moving rides that light up.

What Lurks Beneath

Maybe you thought dinosaurs were extinct but they are alive and well under the train layout.

When you get tired of looking at all of the incredible details in the huge layout, walk into the next room and enjoy the LEGO display.

Garden Time


Hulking Out

Robin Hood at War

There are many others scenes set up in the LEGO room but I’ve just wet your whistle with the pictures above.  Once you finish your tour, there are many fine restaurants and quaint shops in historic Frederick so plan to make a day of it.


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