Riding Out Hurricane Harvey

Where’s the Bread?

Good morning, all, from the SE Texas Coastal area.  We are hunkered down in our house just south of Houston while Hurricane Harvey sends bands of rain through our area.  This is my first Texas hurricane and I have to admit, I was more than ready to head up to Dallas to wait until Harvey left the area.  However, my husband and son didn’t think it was necessary, nor apparently did our town officials as they sent the residents notices that there were no evacuations in place for our area and to just hunker down.

So the first order of business was to stock up on some essentials, like bread, water, canned goods, and snacks.  I have been getting cases of water on a regular basis and have them stashed all over the house so I wasn’t too worried plus I have a great portable water filtration system I can use to make just about any water safely drinkable.

What every girl needs

The local grocery stores have been doing a great job of stocking and restocking although they were out of most breads when I ran to the store.  Don’t judge me on my choices.  I need my comfort food in stressful situations.  You’ll notice that toilet paper and Blue Bell Ice Cream is missing in my cart.  Yup, I sent hubby back the next day to pick those up when we heard it was now a Cat. 3 hurricane heading our way.

I also have emergency rations I can dip into and a cooking pot (JetBoil) that I can use if the power goes out. That’s been one of my main concerns but except for a short duration the first day of landfall, our power has remained on.

Stocking up on ice cubes

I left the bags of ice to folks who might have more need of them and we’ve just been making ice like crazy in our refrigerator and then bagging it up and taking it out to the chest freezer to store, in case we have to start putting frozen goods in ice chests in the event of a power failure.

I popped up a lot of popcorn the night before landfall just in case our power went out.  I really love popcorn and that’s something I wouldn’t want to attempt in a JetBoil.

I also put critical and irreplaceable photo albums up high, just in case our house would be flooded.  In addition I added my Mom’s ashes (try replacing those!) and several stuffed animals from my childhood, which also couldn’t be replaced if lost to flooding.

Elizabeth and friend

My little Elizabeth (on the right) has been with me since BEFORE I was born.  She was a baby shower present given to my mom and then passed on to me when I was a baby.  We’ve been through a lot together and I’m not about to ignore her at this stressful time.  “Cindy” the dog is another childhood pal.

Spinning through the Storm

I’ve been getting a lot of spinning done.  There is something soothing about having a rhythmic activity to do (especially fiber-related) in times of stress.

Weather Channel

We’ve also been watching the Weather Channel and KPRC News.  This is NOT so relaxing.  After the evening news the day Harvey made landfall, my hubby looked over at me and said, “Time to break out the Blue Bell Ice Cream.”

Drainage Ditch

My main concern in this hurricane has been the drainage ditch that is just one house down from our home.  This is a picture of it after a rainstorm last year.  Now that ditch is over 15 feet deep and as wide as probably 2-3 houses laid side-by-side.  In April ’16, the water came up to the top of that ditch.  Since they are calling for Harvey to stall over our area of Texas into the middle of next week, rainfall could be unprecedented.  Right now they are calling for up to 30 inches of rain in our area.

The other things we did to prepare was to charge up all of our devices and rechargeable batteries.  We filled the bathtub with water that could be used to flush toilets in case of power failure.  My knitting friends have formed an informal text chain to check in with each other as the storm progresses.  Some of them hit the road and evacuated earlier but most remain in the area.   Our children are checking in with us regularly and I’ve been keeping my brother (the survivalist expert) informed on our conditions here.

Despite a plethora of tornado warnings around the area yesterday, we got a pretty good sleep, interrupted only by the nervous licking that our dog was doing that sounded SO LOUD that I finally got up, grabbed the dog and went into the guest bedroom where she could hide under the covers to her heart’s content and I could soothe her if she started up with the licking again.  I actually slept in, only to be awakened by a thunderstorm passing through.

So, it is Saturday- the first full day after Harvey has made landfall and so far we are good.  We have appreciated (and felt) the many prayers of friends around the country.  Continue to keep Texas and its residents in your thoughts and prayers as we go through the weekend and into the next week.  In the meantime, stay dry!



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