Revisiting the New Dog Yard

Dog Yard


Still sick and still deaf but that’s a subject for another post.  In the meantime, I thought it might be a good time to revisit our redesigned dog yard.  Back in October 2012, we had the fenced-in portion of our yard redone in preparation for the arrival of our new puppy.  I blogged about it in this post.  If you’ve been following my blog, you know that Auggie, the puppy moved on to a new home much better suited to his personality and “Toto the Terrific”, our rescue dog joined our home in November.   So how is that dog yard holding up?

Dog Yard 4


This design, a combination of crushed rock pathways and mulched sections, has worked out great.  I will give you one big caveat here.  If you have a dog who is a digger, this is probably not the best set-up for you.  Auggie was a fierce digger.  He was constantly digging down to the plastic lining under the mulch and I’d have to go around behind him and fill the holes back up.  He didn’t bother the rock area all that much.  I think it probably bothered his paws.  Can’t guarantee that this situation wouldn’t have changed when he got older and bigger, though.  Toto, on the other hand, could care less about digging.  She hasn’t bothered the mulch/rock arrangement at all.  It has worked out perfectly for her.

Dog yard 3


I wondered if it would be hard to pick up doggie waste in this situation.  Nope!  Not at all.  Toto seems to always gravitate to the mulched areas to do her business and it is super easy to go out there and pick up waste without taking lots of mulch along with it.  In fact, she seems to prefer to do her big jobs right along with fence where the dead leaves have been deposited by the wind.  I can kill two birds with one stone in that case, picking up some of the leaves and the dog waste at the same time.  I’ve only had to pick up a handful of do-do from the rock area (after a snowfall and subsequent thaw) and it just sat there on top of the rocks and I scooped it up with a baggie as easy as you please.

Dog Yard 2


You can see in the picture above that there has been a little bit of migration of the stone into the mulch area but that isn’t bad for a four-month period.  It has been very easy to just bend over and pick up the stones and put them back on the path.  We haven’t had a problem with the mulch getting into the stone area, now that Auggie isn’t here.   As I suspected and hoped, mud is no longer an issue even on the rainiest of days.  I can walk along the stone path, step off into the mulch area and walk around in there and then back up onto the path and into the house without worrying about tracking all sorts of dirt indoors.

If you don’t have a digger dog, I’d highly recommend this simple set-up.  Come Spring, the birdbath will be back out there in the middle and our feathered friends will also be able to enjoy the yard.


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