Revin’ It Up!

My brother just purchased an ATV for the hunting land he has up north.  I guess he’s had a long-time dream of owning one of these and finally he has one.  So this weekend, he decided that we all were going to take a turn learning how to drive it.

First up was my nephew, John.  He got the 5-second instruction on the controls and off he went.  Handled it just like a pro, too.  I was impressed.  Oh, oh….if he was slowing down then it meant that I was next up.

I headed off around to the front yard, just skirting the drain pipe and the flag pole, around to the other side of the front yard and then headed back off to the back yard.

By my second circuit around the backyard, I was whizzing and having a ball.  Whee!  I have to admit that it was a lot of fun.

It was the Commander’s turn next and he took the “responsible” approach, driving sensibly and responsibly but even so, I could tell that he was enjoying himself, too.

My sister-in-law wasn’t going to take a turn but we convinced her to have a go at it and off she went after a quick orientation by my brother.

She was a natural at it.  Last up was my brother who went to town, even losing his hat on one turn but by then my fingers were so frozen that I couldn’t snap any more pictures even if I’d wanted to (sorry, John!).

And before the ATV was even back in the garage, most of us were back inside the house waiting for the kettle to heat up so we could get some hot tea into us and warm up.  It’s always good times when our families get together.  It’s a chance to laugh, act like kids again, and make more memories. 

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • sounds like a blast! I’m thinking we may be getting the snowmachine out this week, for our company. Maybe I’ll be reporting a similar story!

    Are you getting nervous yet? Not many days left!


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