A Rescue That Works Both Ways

I grew up on the stories of “Peter Pan” and “The Wizard of Oz.”  I certainly never guessed when I was young that one day, I’d be a Nana, a name I associated with the big dog that took care of the Darling children in “Peter Pan” NOR did I guess that one day I’d have my very own “Toto.”

It’s rather ironic that this “Dorothy” who hails from the Midwest tornado belt country would end up with a little sweetheart of a dog who just happens to look like little Toto.  How did this come about?  Well, remember that scrapbooking retreat that I was at this past weekend?  While I was sitting there scrapbooking and visiting with my friends for hours, I was telling them how much I was still wanting to have a dog, even though it didn’t work out with little Auggie.  Fortunately, Auggie is  happy in his new home and his new mama is thrilled with him.  I’m just no longer a puppy person.  But I felt that this was going to doom me to never have another dog.  I felt like such a failure.

Did I mention that I have the best friends in the world?  They told me in no uncertain terms that this was NOT the case.  Auggie was much better off with someone who was a good match for him and somewhere out there was a dog who was a good match for me.  I just had to find that dog.  So instead of doing the scrapbooking that I should have been doing, I was perusing Petfinder.com and checking out the rescues in our area.  Well, when I stumbled across little “Krissy”, it was like a neon sign was blinking and pointing at her, saying “This is your dog.”

She was described as a cuddle bug, laid-back, quiet little thing who just wanted to follow you around and be by your side.  She was also described as friendly, a dog that wasn’t into chewing or destructive behavior, a dog that got along with other dogs and cats and kids, and a mellow girl who was housebroken and indeed, had a “cast-iron bladder.”  Could this little girl be any better suited for someone who likes to sit around and knit or sit around and write and just wants a love bug to cuddle with?  Krissy was abandoned at a high-kill shelter.  They think she was used as a breeder at a puppy mill.  She’s about 4 years old and is some type of Shih Tzu mix…..probably a Shorkie, although there might be some Pug in there.


My friends encouraged me to put in my adoption application for her and I decided to do so, never thinking that I had much of a chance, even though I knew we had the ideal set-up for her and knowing we’d be a great match.  This is a story with a great ending.  Since Monday was a holiday, her foster mom had the day off and was able to check out all of my references, including my veterinarian and then was able to bring her over to meet us last evening.   To make a long story short, she was “the one.”  Krissy joined our family and has been renamed “Toto.”  She likes to sleep in bed with you and, since the Commander isn’t too keen on this, I slept in the guest room last night with her to help her feel more at home.  She snuggled right up with me and was a great little companion.  She only moved once in the night and that was to go downstairs to get her antler bone and bring it up to gnaw on for a bit before falling back asleep.  Tonight we’re going to try her in her own little bed beside my side of our bed.  I’m hoping she “goes for it.”

Today, I took her over to Petsmart to do some shopping for her.  She was the hit of the store.  She met lots of different people and dogs and was friendly to them all.  What a difference between her and Fresca the Wonder Dog, who would go through the store like a whirlwind acting like she was going to “eat” anyone who looked at her cross-eyed.  I even took her into the grooming salon there to have her nails trimmed.  They used the Dremel on her and she just sat on the bench like a pro and calmly let them work on her feet.  I’m so proud of her and so happy that I can give this little girl the loving home she deserves.  For a little doggie who needed rescuing, she has done some rescuing of her own, giving me a fur kid to love once more.  Welcome to your forever home, Toto!



  • karyn hutchinson

    I’m so happy for you, Dee!

    • booklassie

      Thanks, Karyn. I just love her. She’s sitting at my feet right now as I type.


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