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Have you heard about Project 365?  It started when a fellow decided to take at least one photograph of himself out doing his daily activities each day for one year.  What resulted was a year captured in film that also gave him a chance to reflect on what really was important to him at that point in his life.  Along the way, he also found that he improved as a photographer.

The concept intriques me and I think I will do more research into it.  I believe many who are following Project 365 post their pictures up in Flickr.  Others are scrapbooking their project photos digitally or in regular scrapbooks.  Participants are encouraged to take their cameras with them everywhere.  I stumbled across this little product today (a bottle-top tripod) while reading about the project and thought I’d share it with you.  How ingenious but I would think that you have to be sure to put it on a bottle that is pretty full of liquid.  I also came across some digital scrapbooking resources aimed specifically at “Project 365” folks.  In fact, that’s what started me looking into it.

I’ll report back with more information soon but I’ll leave you with this teaser.  Do you participate in forums online where you use avatars?  Ever wish you could come up with a creative avatar other than a photograph of yourself?  If you enjoy digital scrapbooking and use Creative Memories Storybook Creator, I’ll tell you how to make your own avatars in my next post.

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