Plying to a Playlist

When I ply yarn, I tend to keep a rhythm going in my head.  It can become quite hypnotic.  In fact, I’ve been known on numerous occasions to fall asleep in the middle of plying, actually waking up in the process of tipping out of my chair.  Yikes!

Yesterday was a marathon spinning and plying day.  I started it off with a morning of spinning with our local spinning guild.  That put me in a spinning mood so when I returned home, I finished spinning the fiber that I was spinning on my Matchless.  It’s one of the monthly club fibers that I get from Southern Cross Fibre.  I couldn’t wait to see how it would look plied so I got out the Lazy Kate and started in.  That’s when a major case of the “drowsies” hit me.  I DID manage to finish plying it all up but had to stop occasionally to slap my face to stay awake.  There HAD to be a better way.

I still had more yarn to ply…..namely the fiber I had spun at the spinning guild meeting.  This was a lovely merino fiber dyed by BeeMiceElf.  If I could just stay awake, I could get it plied and then have a clear conscience so that I could go through my fiber stash for some new beauty to work on.

I have always found certain types of music to be invigorating.  Since two of my wheels are in my computer room and since I have Pandora on my computer, it seemed like a logical solution to bring up Pandora and start one of my playlists.  Which one, though? 

Jazz was out of the question.  It was too relaxing.  Inspirational piano music was also eliminated.  Too slow for the rhythm I wanted.  I had started a playlist of cutting-edge Scandinavian rock bands but they were just too choppy.  I couldn’t find any sort of consistent rhythm with them.  My Celtic channel would have some suitable music in it but only the songs that were the raucous kind with a driving bodhran beat.  I used to LOVE to listen to that type of Celtic music when I was doing my Library Science coursework for grad school in the middle of the night and definitely in danger of nodding off.  Unfortunately, my Celtic channel also had other, more haunting Celtic music on it which would also lull me to lullaby land.  My Country station was promising but I had just listened to it for several hours the previous day when I’d been working on the computer so I felt like something else.  What I felt like was some Latino music.  Yes!  That fit the bill quite nicely.  My Latin Channel was just what I needed to ply at a peppy pace with a lovely rhythm to it.  Salsa, Samba, Merengue…those all have a wonderful beat that keep me wide awake and totally in the plying zone.

Two bobbins done and one more to fill and then I’m all caught up on my plying.  Ay, carumba!  Why am I suddenly in the mood for a frozen margarita?

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