Playing on “Mika Mountain”

Hill Now What

You guys are wearing me out!


Let’s do something fun, Nana.  I have all my animals and we can put them to bed.  They’re tired.

Hill Toys

Go to sleep now.


Blue Doggy, you are “Baby Kitty” and Grinch, you are “Daddy Kitty.”  Here is a nice blanket to cover you up.

Hill Oy Vey

Oh, it’s tough being a parent.

No, Baby!  You were supposed to stay in your bed.  Now you have woken up Mommy Kitty.  What am I going to do with you?


Hill Stay

Stay in your bed. I mean it!


Baby, you stay right there in your bed.  No more wandering around when I put you down for a nap.

Hill Fake Cry

Doggone it, I’M in charge here.



Baby Kitty is crying again and he won’t stay in his bed.  Daddy Kitty is sleeping and is no help at all.  Mommy Kitty wants a nap, too and no one will listen to me.

Hill Hiding Pillows

Come help me, Nana!


OK, let’s build a big mountain of pillows and I’ll make a house under them.  All the kitties can sleep in my little house.  Will that work, Nana?

Hill Peek a Boo



Can you see me, Nana?

Hill Papa Bridge

This bridge is tricky.


I’m going on a little trip across PawPaw Bridge to pick up some eggs for my babies.  You watch the kitties while I’m gone, Nana.

Hill Little Charmer

Being a mommy is hard work.


Everybody is fed and now we ALL are going to take a nap, Nana……Come join me but don’t wake the kitties.


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