Piles or Smiles?

Several weeks ago, the Commander said to me, “When we DO move, have you thought at all about whether or not you want to share an office or have your own computer room?”

I looked at him and thought about it.

“Well,” I said.  “That depends.  I don’t mind sharing a room at all but I am kind of fussy about how that room is going to be kept.”

This time HE looked at me.  You see, I’m someone who has stuff, that’s for sure, but I like to keep it organized and fairly neatly stowed.

The Commander, on the other hand, has piles of papers everywhere.  It drives me nuts.  I don’t see how he can find anything in all of that chaos.

I like to walk into my office and see where everything is, at a glance.  I also like to see the floor.  Call me crazy but it is kind of nice to be able to walk around a room without having to dodge piles of papers or equipment.

I can’t really do that in the Commander’s office.  There is a very narrow walkway.  There is LOTS of equipment, probably enough to man a third-world call center.  I vacuum the walkway and that’s it.  I don’t dust in there.  I refuse to, out of principle.  If I can’t see a bare surface, I’m not touching it.

I DO like his Texas flag, though.  It might need a mounted pair of longhorns to add to the ambiance but I don’t think there is any bare wall space with enough room to hold something like that.

So I was explaining all of this to the Commander and telling him how I wouldn’t mind sharing an office with him if he could keep his side of things picked up. When I finished, he gazed at me and then he said, “Separate rooms it is!”  Yup, I’m thinking the same thing.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Your office is my dream space – but I have to admit my office looks more like the Commanders. 🙁


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