Peter Pan With an Attitude

 I had to take Fresca, the Wonder Dog in to see the vet today yet again.  I’d noticed a small red growth on the side of her neck last month.  At first I had thought it was a tick but after examining it closely, I concluded that it was some type of growth.  It didn’t seem to be bothering her so I decided to let it go for a bit and see what happened.  Well, this past week, I noticed that it was getting a little bigger so I made an appointment to have it examined.

Turns out that it was a sebaceous cyst.  The vet examined her and just pinched it off with his fingers, actually in several pieces.  Fresca was a VERY good girl while all this was going on.  The vet explained that these types of cysts are benign and pretty common.  They fill up with a funky fluid and can return unless you remove the actual cyst underneath the skin but he said, unless it bothered me, it wasn’t really necessary.  I guess what he pinched off was the fluid-filled sac.  Probably more info than you need, right?

Anyway, all was well until we came back out into the waiting area and face-to-face with a huge German Shepherd.  Right away, Fresca tried to fake him out by giving him some “attitude.”  The poor big lout just sat there looking at her as cool as a cucumber and then looked away.  I felt sorry for the little boy who was obviously with the owner.  The kid had a terrified look on his face and his hands over his ears.

“I know, Honey,” I said.  “She’s small but she’s loud.  And she’s not behaving very well, is she?”

Fresca eventually settled down but any time the other dog glanced her way, she’d immediately start up again as if to say, “Hey, Bubba!  You lookin’ at ME?”  The bigger dog would quickly look away.

One of the secretaries leaned over the counter.  “Is Fresca really 10 years old?  I just can’t believe it.  She looks and acts like such a puppy,” she exclaimed.

“That’s Fresca,” I replied.  “Just think of her as Peter Pan with an attitude.”

As we left the veterinary office, I glanced back.  The poor kid still had his hands over his ears.  He’s probably traumatized for life now anytime he sees a cute little white dog.

But despite the noise and the attitude, I have to say that Fresca the Wonder Dog is still just a little cream puff to me.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • She’s so cute! I’m glad the growth was nothing to worry about.

    We had one of our dogs in to the vet this week, too only he was too sick to have attitude toward any of the other dogs.


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