My Persistent Navigation System

Where's the screen?

Where’s the screen?

My car has a built-in navigation system.  I’m still learning how to use it and I’ve had my car nine months now.    Yesterday I was feeling pretty darn proud of myself when I finally figured out how to say “Destination” followed by the address and it actually programmed it into the system and started me on my way.  Of course, it took me about 10 minutes to get it to understand the word “Camden.”  It kept giving me a choice of street names to choose from, neither of which were what I had said.  When I’d “cancel” and then start it all over again, repeating the address, I’d get a whole new set of choices.  At one point, it was trying to send me to some street in Nebraska and I’m on the East Coast and was only trying to go one state over from my home.  It’s not like I’m a mumbler.  I’ve been a radio and TV broadcaster in my military days and I’m a trained thespian.  Go figure!


We finally got on the road and I made it to my destination just fine.  I even had no problems giving it my address for the return trip.  So imagine my surprise today when I hopped in the car to head over to the library and my car spoke to me halfway down the block.

“Turn left onto >>>>Drive,” it said.

“What?  No!  I don’t need you anymore.  I already made it home,” I replied.

I turned right and heard, “Recalculating.”

“Stop it!” I ordered.  “You can quit now.”

I turned left past the golf course.

“Make a hard right,” the car pleaded.

“For Pete’s sake, I don’t need you.  I’m just going to the library.  Cancel destination!”


“Stop destination.”


“Stop navigation.”


“Oh, for Heaven’s sakes!  You brought me home yesterday.  Your job is done.  Why are you still talking?  I don’t even have the radio on.  How can you be talking to me?”


Finally I reached a LONG red light and turned on my car’s display screen, found the map through trial and error and started punching symbols until I got to an option to “stop navigation.”  Hallelujah!  Blessed silence!

I DID have the last word.

“And while we’re talking, I’d just like to say that I’m not too pleased with this weather today.  Going from 70 degrees to 19 degrees is for the birds so if you’re so hell-bent to take me somewhere, you can take me somewhere that’s hot, ok?”


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