PawPaw’s Little Shadow

Somebody’s really smitten with their PawPaw.  Little Mika follows him all around when he is in the room, waits by the gate when he heads down to his computer room, and asks about him when he goes off to work.

Part of the fun could be that he gives tremendous piggyback rides around the house, as evidenced by the happy smile on Mika’s face.

 He likes to get down on the floor on her level and has infinite patience in explaining things to her.

He makes a great jungle gym for climbing on , jumping on, and having pillow fights with.  He even is good-natured when she uses her PawPaw to demonstrate where noses are.

Here is PawPaw’s nose!

Yesterday, Jason and PawPaw were outside working on the lawn and we found Mika glued to the window trying to catch a glimpse of her PawPaw.  The Commander said that he glanced over at the house and saw her and her nose was plastered flat against the window.

Then her face just lit up when he came over by the window and waved at her.  It was so cute to watch.  It reminds me of how much I loved my own grandpa.  I only had the one, since my father’s dad was already deceased by the time I was born.  Mika is lucky in that she has two wonderful grandfathers AND a great-grandpa, too.  It just illustrates how dear the bond between grandchildren and grandparents can be, even from this early age.  Happy grandparenting!

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