Outings and Shenanigans

Continuing our discussion of Thanksgiving traditions, one of our favorite traditions has centered around the cousins getting together.  They’ve been enjoying each other’s company since they were babies and when they get together, mischief and fun isn’t far behind.

Over the years, we’ve had impromptu fashion shows put on by the kids.

We’ve had sing-a-longs interrupted by the occasional OUTSTANDING dance moves.

We’ve gone on outings over the holiday weekend.  This particular outing has a little story attached to it.  My brother had been raving about the hamburgers at a place called the Black Diamond Bar and Grille.  He kept going on and on about how they were HUGE and the best he’d ever had. So we all piled in the van and headed out one cold morning for a long drive up into the mountains to have those hamburgers for lunch.  After all that driving, we got there only to find out that they were closed that day.  Oh, man….we sure didn’t let my brother forget about that!  However, we continued on and came to this wonderful pancake restaurant that had real maple syrup with their flapjacks and after the meal, you could sit outside on their swings or walk little nature trails through the woods.  It turned into a lovely outing after all.

We’ve enjoyed “talent shows” put on by the cousins.  They’ve really been a hoot.

Have you heard of a group called the “Tijuana Brass?”  Well, sometimes we adults have joined in the fun, hence the “Michigander Brass.”

And the kids have kept us entertained while we’ve waited for the turkey to finish cooking.

Sadly, the cousins are scattered around the country now with job and family commitments that make it difficult to get them all together at one time.   These days we are lucky to have one or two of  them joining us for Thanksgiving.  But regardless, we still have fun together as a family.  Wherever YOU are, we hope you have some fun planned, too, this holiday weekend with family or friends.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Cousins are one of the best things about childhood! It’s a shame that growing up often has us living far apart.

    Love this look into your extended family!


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