Our Little Canadian

It looks like everything is on track for the arrival of our son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, Mika.  Mika’s birth certificate finally arrived so that the passports could be applied for and received.  That means, Lord willing, I’ll be hugging Jason and Laura and holding that precious grandchild tomorrow night.  But who would have thought that my little sweet pea would already be showing activist tendencies at such a young age?  She must have inherited it from me, a child of the Sixties.  I admit that I never actually participated in a protest during the Sixties although I did once sit out on the Student Commons and cheer on some students who had taken over the university’s president’s office.  And I’ve participated in boycotts over the years but that’s about as radical as I get.  Quirky?  Now that’s another story.  But here’s our newest little Canadian holding her own passport.  May it see you safely on many grand adventures, little Mika!


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