Do you ever have days when you are just a tad discombobulated?  It’s felt like I’m going in a million directions the last few days.  I’ve been working away on listing auction items on my end from the several tubs of my mom’s things that my brother had left here last Thanksgiving.  Now MY guestroom looks like a mailroom.  Ugh!

Then I’ve been trying to get caught up on where I need to be for a sweater class that I had today.  I missed the first class when I was in Michigan and had thought I’d just catch up on my own while I was out at my brother’s but I ended up being so busy there that I had no time for knitting.  So I was trying to cram a lot of knitting into a few days and long story short, I was behind when I arrived at class today.  Luckily, I wasn’t the only one behind so I didn’t feel so bad.  We have an unexpected hiatus from class next week so I will hopefully be caught up in time for our next class.

Our Mystery Book Club meets this coming Wednesday so I have a book I need to finish before then.  I have plenty of clothes to steam and housework to do but I have been distracted by installing Google Chrome and have been trying to learn the ins and outs of that new browsing system.    Perhaps I should blame it on the heat wave we’ve been experiencing here in the East.  For much of the past week, we suffered through temps in the high 90’s, even reaching 100 degrees for several days.  That’s enough to stifle anyone’s ambition.

But the frosting on the cake was the other day when I went to visit my mother in the nursing home.  As I approached the door to the dementia ward, I noticed one of the residents was right on the other side of the doorway, peering out of the window.  Now I had a bit of a problem.  I needed to go through that door but I had to make sure that the lady on the other side did NOT go out the door.  I buzzed myself through and made sure to keep my body between the resident and the gap in the door even though the lady tried to push past me and managed to get a grip on the edge of the door.

Well, now I was faced with another problem.  I couldn’t exactly slam the door on her fingers.  I tried to kindly tell her that I needed to shut the door and that she needed to stay on the wing.  She wasn’t buying it.  So I ended up having to gently pry her fingers off the door frame so I could shut the door.  Mission accomplished. That’s when the real fun began.  The little elderly lady took her cane and started whacking me on the shins with it.  OK, enough of that!  I took her cane away from her, held it in one hand and put her arm through mine and started to walk her down the hall.

“I like your cane,” I said, hoping to distract her.  She was giving me an earful about the injustice of not being allowed to go out the door.  OK, time for another tactic.

“Have you met my mother?” I asked.  “She’s right here in this room.”

“S___ of a  B____”, she said and proceeded to continue to cuss like a sailor.

“I guess you haven’t,” I responded.  “Well, here’s your cane.  I have to leave you now,” I said and ducked quickly into Mom’s room before she could hit me again with it.

Man, what a day!   First time I’ve been assaulted by a senior citizen.  A heat wave seems rather tame in comparison.    And that’s what I’ve been up to this week.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Sounds like you handled your assailant well.

    Wow. You are one busy lady

    BTW….I post a photo just for you on my FFF post


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