Organic Costs What?

The kids were teasing me last night about my eating habits.  Actually, it was more like teasing about my dear son’s eating habits, which closely resemble my own.  They sent me this pic of Jason finishing off some birthday cake while Laura is snuggled next to him eating a salad.    I thought it was funny because yesterday I had actually thrown the rest of the Commander’s birthday cake down the garbage disposal and I had actually eaten a salad myself for supper.

I’m REALLY trying to slowly introduce more fruit, greens, and veggies into my diet.  I’m doing it slowly because I don’t want to overwhelm my system by doing it too quickly.  After all, this is the digestive tract/body that has been eating nothing but desserts for years for many meals.  However, the Commander had been grousing to our daughter over the weekend about the fact that I never feed him any greens.  Well, that was like waving a red cape at a bull.  If you say things like that around me, I’ll take it as a personal challenge.  He’s going to have greens coming out of his ears.

Also, a friend of mine had mentioned eating some delicious fruit the other day in a Facebook post and that got me hungry for cherries.  I once did a presentation about the fruits and vegetables that have high concentrations of pesticide on them.  Cherries come in at #10 in the Top Ten Worse Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables.  That’s why I try to buy organic when I DO actually buy something from the produce section.

I picked through a pile of bagged organic sweet cherries.  I tried to find the bag with the smallest amount, just in case I took them home and decided I didn’t really like them.  I found a bag that was about half full and took it to the scale to weigh it and print off the price label.  Gulp!  The scale said it would cost me $9.06.  What?  Holy cow!  Or should I say, “holy cherries?”  I took the bag back over to the rest of them, opened it up, opened up another bag and dumped half of the berries from MY bag into the other bag.  Resealing it, I weighed it again.  Now it would only cost me $4.96.

Yes, sir……this amount of cherries, which isn’t very much, cost me almost $5.  If I keep this up, I might have to take out a personal loan.  I guess I could always hope that I don’t like them.  However, since my mom always told me that I had “champagne tastes”, I’m not holding out much hope for that happening.

Good thing that we’re having an inexpensive meal tonight.  We’re having organic spinach chef’s salads with onions, diced ham, cut-up green pepper, sliced tomatoes, hard-boiled egg slices, diced pickles, craisins, and sliced almonds.  We each pick our own salad dressing.   Hope you like those greens, my love!

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  • that salad sounds wonderful!


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