Orange Cars – We’re Everywhere!

Orange Vibe

Orange Vibe

I have been noticing more and more orange-hued cars on the road lately.  In fact, I’m beginning to suspect that “orange” is the new black when it comes to vehicles.  Well, it’s about time the auto industry jazzed things up.



These are pictures of  some of the orange cars I saw today on a quick run to the store.  I didn’t get a picture of all of them.  There were two that passed me by as I was driving home and I couldn’t snap a picture safely.



What exactly does it say about you if you like orange enough to get an orange car?  Well, I did a little digging.  People who like the color orange tend to be talkative folks who are LOUD talkers.  Hmmm, that would explain my hubby kicking me under the table when I get carried away in conversing with friends.  Orange-lovers are free spirits who tend to be restless, are adventurous, don’t have a lot of patience, are often unpredictable, and just might be performers.


They can be assertive but not necessarily belligerent.  They just tend to stick up for themselves.  In other words, they know what they want and they tend to go after it.


They can be trendy  and they can be full of energy.  You won’t likely get bored around someone who likes the color orange.


For some reason, the color orange seems to spark the most controversy of any color out there.  People either LOVE the color or they hate it.  There doesn’t seem to be any middle of the road reaction.  If you’d like to find out a LOT more about the color orange, check out this website.  It describes all sorts of color characteristics.

My little "Tigger."

My little “Tigger.”

With the plethora of orange cars on the road, I still think that my little Prius-C wears its orange color with the most pride.  I was telling this to the Commander today when he said, “You do know that you aren’t the only one with an orange Prius-C in the area, don’t you?”

Huh?  It seems he spotted another little Prius like mine at the local grocery store the other day.  Funny he should mention that because as we were driving around this afternoon, I looked over at the parking lot of the local cinema and piped up, “THERE’S that other orange Prius-C!”

Hmmmph!  Bet it doesn’t have a Tigger decal in the back window.  I’m debating whether or not to tell “Tigger” that he has a sibling in the area.  Sometimes its nice to operate under the illusion that you’re an only child.

  • Jackie Beechner-Scallan

    LOL, I know how you feel!! I live on an island off the WA state coast. No, it’s not Gilligan’s Island, but we are kind of remote! Last spring, right before my DH deployed to Afghanistan (he was a contractor), he got me a more reliable used car. I wanted a Hyundai, so we went looking on the local dealership’s website. Every car was black, white, or silver… except for this one that was a really pretty Granny Smith Apple green. I wanted THAT car, despite the fact it was a manual transmission. We went to the dealership, we test drove it, I fell in love with it even more, and I brought it back to the Island. Several weeks later, as I’m noticing all the green cars on the road, I see a very familiar-looking green car coming from the opposite direction… yes, there was a second green Hyundai Accent, same year, same model, same green color, on this Island!!! We now are to the point that we wave at each other when we pass each other by on the highway…. Someday I need to stop by where I think this person works and just say “Hi”… but then again, I might be seen as a stalker, LOL….

    My husband recently traded his van (it was on it’s last tires) for a used car… a green Accent that is 5 years older than mine! It’s a deeper shade of green, and an older body style, and it’s also a manual transmission… but we are now green in our cars!!!

    • booklassie

      I LOVE that shade of green. Ford made cars several years ago in a really nice apple shade of green that I was lusting after but when I saw the bright orange, well..I was hooked. That’s so funny that there are two identical Hyundai’s on your little island. I’ll definitely have to wave at the other little orange Prius if I ever pass it on the highway here.


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