Ooh, Let Me Do That!

I was at Physical Therapy today for my “frozen shoulder” and, as usual, I was paying more attention to what others were doing than to what I was supposed to be doing.  I guess that’s a writer for you.  You are always in the process of observing.

As I did my eight minutes of pulley therapy, I glanced over and there was my fellow sufferer, er, patient, Trixie.  Wait a minute!  Why was she just sitting there reading?  Hey, how did she get to do that?  She had some electronic gizmo attached to her shoulder and she was just sitting there in a chair reading her Kindle.  How come she gets the electrical gadgetry?  This is the 21st century.  I want to be hooked up to some techno-gadget that doesn’t involve manual labor.

I looked further down the room and there was a lady sitting in another chair with one foot on a device that looked like a pizza plate balanced on a ball.  Um, guys……can I play “Tilt-a-Whirl” with my foot, too?  I have a broken toe.  It might make me feel better and thus more able to exercise my shoulder.

No such luck.  Instead they added “push-ups” to my routine.  Thank goodness they were only the standing up variety where you do them against a wall.  Hmmm, now if I could read a book while I did them, I might be more motivated.  Of course, when you are only doing five of them, I think I’d only have time to read the chapter title.  Sigh!

As I was mulling this over, I noticed a young man moving down the room on a wheeled office chair.  “Gee,” I thought, “that therapist is pretty lazy if he can’t even get up and walk down the length of the room.”

By the time I saw him pass me the third time and saw that he was wearing a leg brace, I realized that he was a fellow PT patient and this was one of his exercises.  Wow!  I wanted to do that.  I’m ALWAYS going back and forth in my computer room on my chair like that.  Surely if I pumped my arms while I did it, that would be exercising my shoulder, wouldn’t it?

Humpf!  My physical therapy team just has no imagination.  Try as I might to divert them to other activities, they just keep focusing on this darn shoulder.  Today they told me that the combination of the scar tissue, the frozen shoulder, and the extra-tight pectoral muscles are STILL making my shoulder area extremely tight.  True, but at least I’m not in pain anymore.  Tomorrow I’m going to get some pectoral stretches.  Oh, joy!  I’ll bet it won’t involve picking marbles off the floor with my toes.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I’m glad your boring PT is working for you. 🙂


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