One Take and Done

Back in my Army broadcasting days, I was known as “One Take Dee” because I almost always would nail a recording session in one take.  That trait continued during my stint in the Navy and on into civilian life.  If it required public speaking, I’d just show up and do it.  If it required any kind of sitting down in front of a microphone and reading an announcement, I didn’t need ten tries to get it right.  Sit down, one take, and we were good to go.

That’s why today was a little embarrassing.  I’ve been recording the audio for some short video presentations at our church.  I haven’t even had to run my own soundboard.  Our Music Minister has been running it for me and also doing the video editing.  All I’ve had to do is show up, read the script into a microphone and head out.  Should be easy, right?  Today, though, it took two times to get it right.  Now, in my defense, we did some last-minute editing right before we recorded the audio.  There wasn’t time to find a computer and make the changes and then reprint the script.  Instead, I had a bunch of tiny scribbles on my sheet of paper.

Maybe I’ll just blame it on the fact that I was watching the premiere of Dancing with the Stars last evening.  I obviously must have had “two-steps” on the brain.  It can’t be that I’m getting older or that these darn bifocals need adjusting.  Even with two takes, though, it felt good to be back behind a microphone.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • 2 takes with all those ‘squiggles’ seems pretty good to me!


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