One More Day!

Upstairs guestroom ready to be used as a nursery.

I’ve been busy child-proofing the house.  As I remarked to my nephew today, the last time I did this was when he was a toddler.  He’s now in his 20’s.  It’s been awhile.  You see, my little granddaughter will be arriving tomorrow afternoon along with our lovely (and expecting) daughter-in-law.  We can’t wait.

I’ve cleaned out most of my craft supplies from the upstairs guestroom in case the kids decide to put Mika to bed up there.  The rest has been put into the closet and I’m pretty sure she won’t be able to open that door yet.

The cutting table has been folded back down.  I usually have it opened up and have my yarn swift and my yarn winder all set up on it but if I need to wind some yarn, I’ll just quickly set it up on either end of the smaller version of this table.

I moved all of my needed cosmetics and toiletries out of the downstairs bathroom today and put them back up in the Master Bathroom.  Since the kids left the nest, I’ve been enjoying having my very own bathroom but whenever we have guests, I let them have this bathroom all to themselves, since it is right off the first-floor guestroom.

The Commander and I were brainstorming as to how to best protect my grandmother’s china hutch with all my family heirloom knick-knacks.  I had thought originally to just shove both of the recliner chairs in front of it but then I got to thinking that I might forget what I had done and recline, smashing into the glass.  Suddenly it came to us…..We’d just turn the hutch around and push it up against the wall.  Problem solved.

Another problem was trying to figure out how to block off the stairs going up to the 3rd floor.  The rounded newel of the staircase wasn’t making it easy to drill holes for a baby gate and the Commander really didn’t want to drill holes in the wall if he could avoid it.  Again, I had a brainstorm.  What about those old screens out in the garage?  We no longer even had those windows since we now have all new replacement windows.  We could brace it behind the piano and little foyer table and then slide it across when needed and slide it back to get through.  It works like a charm.  Yay!

I noticed that the Commander had the baby latches out on his placemat to remind him to install those tonight.  I’d already organized under the counters but those doors need to be secured.

The booster chair/high chair is out of the box and ready for the Commander to secure in the chair.  I’m hopeless when it comes to reading instructions so that’s going to be one of his jobs.

Speaking of jobs, here’s another one.  This little stroller needs some assembly.  I COULD try to do it myself but when you’ve got a techno-whiz around the house, why gum it up?  In fact, he just came into the computer room pushing the little stroller.  Cute as can be!

And speaking of cute, these little friends are sitting out in the guestroom waiting to say “hi” to Mika.  They are quite excited to meet her.  She’s bringing her “baby” with her so they will have lots of fun playing together.

Yes, I can hardly wait.  The last time Mika was here, she was only 2 months old so she wasn’t half as much fun as she is now.  I wonder if it is too early to start teaching her how to play piano?    OK, I know, this Nana needs to slow down.  There will be plenty of time for music and knitting lessons in the years ahead, Lord willing.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • I know you are now enjoying your kids…..just want to say that I am smiling, reading about your preparations and excitement.

    The photo of Mika in the post above shows how much she looks like her Daddy! (And her Nana.)


    How long are they staying? I’m so happy for you!


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