Oh, My Goodness….Is That?

Maybe it’s because most of my favorite shows are filmed in Vancouver.  Maybe certain actors/actresses just naturally gravitate toward certain types of shows.  Maybe Syfy, one of my favorite TV channels, just happens to move its actors from show to show like chess pieces on a board.  Or maybe it is just a coincidence but lately I’ve been noticing some very familiar faces popping up on new shows.

Case in point – I was watching a Canadian TV show from my Netflix Instant Queue called “Intelligence.”  By golly, one of the main characters was played by Ian Tracey, who happened to play crazy Adam Worth on my SyFy show, “Sanctuary.”

Speaking of “Sanctuary,” another actor from that show, Christopher Heyerdahl, who played Magnus’ love, John, showed up on another new show I like, “Hell on Wheels,” as The Swede.

I have been watching the new show, “Grimm” and on their latest episode which centered around a woman who changed into a spider-like creature who sucked the juices out of her victims in order to stay youthful, I realized that the woman was none other than Amy Acker, who played Fred on my beloved vampire series “Angel.”  (And we all know that Angel has been reincarnated as Booth in the popular TV series, “Bones.”)

Speaking of vampires, one of my very favorite vampire series is Blood Ties, unfortunately cancelled but still available via reruns.  The other day, while I was watching an episode of “Intelligence”, I sat up and looked closer and realized that one of the lowlifes on the show was Michael Ecklund, who played creepy Norman in several episodes of “Blood Ties.”

But my latest discovery was this week when I was viewing the American version of “Being Human.”  One of the main characters, a vampire, was interacting with a vampire that he had sired.  All of a sudden I sat up in my recliner, leaned forward, and said, “It’s Henry!”  Yup, my favorite vampire from Blood Ties, Kyle Schmid, who played “Henry Fitzroy,” is now on “Being Human” in a recurring role as a vampire and his name is, get this, “Henry.”  Unfortunately, THIS Henry is not quite as honorable as MY Henry from the previous show but at least I can enjoy his company on TV once more.

Maybe it’s like weather and fashion, …..if you wait long enough, they all come back again.  So, has anyone spotted Adrian Paul recently?

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