Now THAT’S a Bite!

I headed off today to get the second of my 3 Hep. B shots in preparation for my upcoming trip to Indonesia.  As long as I was out, I decided to do a little shopping.  Not particularly remarkable in itself but that’s where it get’s dicey.  Just a note to the squeamish…….if you don’t like to read about blood, you’d better stop here.  OK?While I was at one shop, I came across a jacket that looked a lot like one that one of my favorite TV vampires wears.  “Oo”, I thought.  “Cool look.  I think I’ll try it on.”

I gave it a go and it looked great.  Wow!  I was “styling.”  But then I happened to glance down and noticed something.  My hand was all bloody.  Holy S___!  When did that happen?  My first reaction was to try to figure out where the blood was coming from.  OK, I seemed to have snagged the top of my thumb and now I was bleeding like a stuck pig.  Next thought was to keep the blood off the floor and the clothes. And a third thought was “Well, this has to be the freakiest endorsement of a vampire jacket that I’ve ever had.”   I popped my thumb in my mouth while I groped in my purse for something to wrap around it.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any tissues but I DID have an old 50’s-era handkerchief so I grabbed that and wrapped it around my thumb, applying pressure over the cut.

I looked at the jacket again.  Oh, oh….the bad news was that there was some blood on the white drawstring at the waist.  The good news was that I was definitely buying the jacket and had already decided that I was getting rid of that drawstring.  It was NOT cool.  Didn’t go with the look at all.  But I couldn’t exactly pull it out and discard it in the dressing room, could I?  I looked at it again and decided the best thing to do would be to pull the bloody part on into the inside of the casing, which meant that there was more drawstring on one side of the waist than on the other but hopefully I wouldn’t get some detail-oriented clerk who would insist on getting that drawstring even before she rang me up.

I lifted up the hankie and examined my thumb.  The bleeding had definitely slowed down but it wanted to start back up when I wasn’t applying pressure to the wound.  Drat!  I still had some blue jeans to try on.  Have you ever tried to put on blue jeans without using your thumbs?  Believe me, it is NOT something that is readily achievable.  I decided to just forget it and go buy the jacket and head to a drugstore for a bandaid.

Once I got a bandaid on my thumb, things were under control once more.  I was able to continue on to another store to find an outfit for my mom’s birthday present and then head over to the grocery store for some menu ingredients.

The rest of the day was a lot less eventful.  I finished one of the fingerless gloves that I’m knitting out of a rustic alpaca yarn and started the second glove.  Should get that finished tonight what with all the great TV viewing on the agenda…..Hawaii 5-O, Castle, Dancing with the Stars. And there’s NO vampire show on the schedule!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Couldn’t you have just bought the jacket without giving yourself an excuse to do so? LOL


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