Not Exactly How I Envisioned Things Starting

 I’m down in Texas now and ready to do “Nana babysitting” duty while my son heads off to Canada to conduct training sessions for new missionaries.  I’ve been taking vitamins because I KNOW that I’ll need all the energy I can muster to keep up with Spud and Sweet Pea.  Jason has gone over their schedule with me and shown me where things are located, etc.  So I thought we had everything covered.  Now it was time to pose for a group picture before Daddy headed off to the airport.

Spud gave a final wave as the car headed off with his papa and I was there to document the moment on camera.

Sweet Pea had brought out her kitties to say goodbye, too, and they watched the car drive out of sight.  It was time for Nana to spring into action.  First, though, I thought I’d take advantage of having their mom there  today and not off being “Dr. Laura” so I decided to nip into the shower before the day started in earnest.

After the shower, as I was drying off, I noticed that I was seeing flashes of white light in one eye.  Yikes!  What was up with that? My opthamalogist has drilled into me every year that my eyes are prone to retinal detachment and that I should always be on the alert for things like flashes of white light.  If I should happen to experience something like that, she said I should immediately get to a retinal specialist.  Well, darn…..first of all, it’s a Saturday and secondly, I’m a LONG way from home.

I finished dressing and went to find my daughter-in-law.  Oh, my goodness, I sure hated to let her know what was going on but I also didn’t want to lose my eyesight.  She quickly bundled the kiddos up and off we went to the emergency room.  Wow, let me just say that this was the friendliest emergency room I’ve ever been in.  Faster than I could say, “I’m a coward”, I was checked in and had a whole collection of bracelets for different alerts.

I was taken into a room and my family was allowed to accompany me. Sweet Pea amused herself by doing some drawing.  Spud amused himself for awhile by pinching his momma’s nose.  He also discovered the TV remote and managed to press the emergency call button so Laura had to go out and tell the nurses that it was a false alarm.

Every so often, Sweet Pea would tell me, “You can do it, Nana!”  Uh, huh!  My own little cheering section.  Luckily, there wasn’t much to “do.”  I didn’t have to be very brave.  A nurse examined me, then a nurse practitioner examined me, and finally a doctor examined me and none of them could see anything out of the ordinary.  However, none were eye doctors so there was no dilating of my eye for a more detailed examination.  I’ve been referred to an opthamalogist on Monday.

As we waited for my discharge papers, Spud was busy trying to figure out how the gurney’s rail worked.  If we’d had a little more time there, I bet he would have done so.

After my discharge, we decided to head to McDonalds.  The kids were getting hungry and we thought they would be able to play.  I was looking particularly stylish (NOT) since I had that “wash and wear” look going and was still sporting my array of medical bracelets.  Wouldn’t you know that this particular McDonalds was being renovated and the play area was temporarily closed.   Oh, well.  We ordered anyway and sat down to eat in an out-of-the-way alcove.

We’d just settled down and tucked into our fries and chicken nuggets when a mother came around the corner with a young girl in tow.  Just as she got up to us, the girl upchucked all over the floor right next to us. Oh, man!  Laura and I looked at each other.

“I can’t believe this,”  I sighed.  “Jason hasn’t even been gone 5 hours and I’ve already been to the emergency room and now we’ve had someone barf practically on our feet.  Surely things can only get better from here.”

We picked up our food and gingerly stepped over things to find another location to eat.

Final stop before home was the Dollar Store.  Sweet Pea had earned the right to pick one prize for her potty training efforts.  We went up and down the aisles.

“This one looks like fun,” she’d say…….again and again.  It was pretty funny.  It has to be hard for a little one to decide on one thing in a place like that but she did finally decide on a tool kit.

We made it safely home and Sweet Pea spent time “building” things for us before we did a little gardening.  The gardening will be a tale for another blog post.  In the meantime, I’d appreciate your prayers that things will go well on Monday at the eye doctor’s visit.  I’m still having some flashes and a circular floater thing going on.  Never a dull moment, eh?

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Oh my, Dee! That is worrisome, for sure. I pray the doctor on Monday has wisdom and sees clearly what, if anything, is wrong.


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