No, I DON’T Teach PreSchool!

We were awakened this morning by Schatze, the whiner outside our bedroom door bright and early.  I had set my alarm for 8 a.m., thinking maybe we could sleep in just one morning but knowing that I needed to have my computer up and running by 9 a.m. for a Skype call from our son.  Thanks to Schatze, I was up and downstairs by 7:30.  It was actually a good thing because at 8 a.m., we got a Skype call from our daughter-in-law.  Whee!  It was a two-for-one special morning.  We got to Skype with Laura and Mika and their friend, who was up visiting for the weekend AND we got to Skype an hour later with our son, who had traveled to a different town to meet friends who were visiting in the area.

After breakfast, I headed out to do a little shopping for my trip.  Actually, first I did some shopping for our pastors and their families.  Does your church celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month?  At our church, the month of October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  Our members are given the opportunity to give little gifts to the staff and there is a little list with things that they like and places that they like to eat, etc.  It’s fun to go through the lists and decide how we’d like to bless them this year.  But back to my story…..

I decided that I’d pick up some coloring books and crayons to take over to Asia with me for the children in the Kampung (I think that is the word for “slum neighborhood”) where my son and his family live.  After I brought them up to the register, the clerk wanted to know if I taught at a preschool.  Nope!  But after I saw the pile of things, I got to thinking that maybe I’ll just box it all up and mail it off to him so that it will get there before I do.  That way I don’t have to lug it all in my luggage.  I have a feeling I’m going to have my hands full just with clothes and other Christmas presents.

Well, the timer just went off and I can smell that chicken curry dish so I’d better close for now.  Hubby is getting anxious to eat.  Of course, he made me wait 1 1/2 hours later than usual while LSU played Auburn so I think he can cool his heels just a few minutes longer, n’est pas?

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • you could send all that and have it arrive before you? I don’t think a parcel that big would get to Zambia before 3 months – but Africa is not Asia. Is the price any different to mail compared to paying for an extra bag on the plane?

    Two calls in one morning!? You are blessed.


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