No Hurry!

My nephew and his wife are expecting their baby next month.  She (my niece) is at that stage in a pregnancy where you really are ready to have it just be over with.  That baby can’t come soon enough.  I have to tell you, though, that I never reached that stage with my pregnancies (well, if you don’t count the actual time during hard labor when you are REALLY ready for that child to appear).

You see, I was one of those rare ducks that loved being pregnant.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I was really happy to discover I was pregnant again when the home test showed positive on the day of my daughter’s 1st birthday.

There was another reason that I was in no hurry to pop those babies out.  I had discovered after the first one, that babies are a lot more manageable in the womb than they are once they are actually born.  Maybe this was tempered somewhat by the fact that our daughter was a VERY crabby baby.

Yup, when our Jason (baby No. 2) came along, I was quite happy to stay in the hospital and relax as long as they’d let me.  I remember the doctor coming in and telling me, “If things continue so well, we should be able to release you today.”

“Hey, no need to hurry on my account,” I told him.  I knew what was waiting for me at home.

THIS little firecracker was back there no doubt dreaming up new ways to get into mischief.  Besides which, if her brother was anything like her, I knew I’d not be getting any sleep for the next few months.

Thankfully my mom was able to come out for a short visit to help me with both children plus I soon discovered that Baby No. 2 had a MUCH mellower temperament than Baby No. 1.  Thank Heavens!  Otherwise that doctor might have found me back on the hospital doorstep asking him if he could readmit me for, oh, I don’t know…..maybe the next 18 years?

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