Nativity Mash-ups and Candlelight Services

Luke nativity

It’s Christmas Eve and the stockings are hung by the chimney…..well, you know the rest.  The children ARE all snuggled in their bedrooms and Nana and Papa are soon to follow their examples.  Tomorrow, I need to get up early and prepare a breakfast casserole so we can eat a nice hearty breakfast before the presents magically appear and chaos ensues.

Today little Spud was busy changing up the Nativity story as he played with his sister’s Little Tykes set.  He had wise men visiting Nana, a mirror from a Princess play set by the stable, shepherds behind the stable and cars parked by the barn.

Nativity 2

He was quite adamant about wanting a certain angel to get into a stall next to the barn and kept fiddling with her, trying to get her to fit into the stall.

Nativity 3


By golly, that angel was going to cooperate or else!  Or else, what….you ask?  I’m not sure.  She might have been demoted to the zoo playset nearby.

Nativity 4

Luckily, she finally cooperated and there were smiles all around as the play continued.  I even managed to scare up a few more of the characters from the Nativity story that had fallen under the table.

Nativity 5


I think everything is in place now for the telling of the Christmas story tomorrow before we open presents.  If a few of the folks in the story are in the wrong places, we can always improvise.  The main thing is that Jesus was born and He is firmly in the manger in this playset.  He might have a cow and a wise man in attendance instead of Mary and Joseph but, never fear, Jesus came for all.



After an early supper, Spud and his sister got all dressed up in their holiday finery and we prepared to go to church for the candlelight service.  Spud was pointing out here that Nana needed to stop taking pictures and get ready.



It was a lovely service.  I so enjoy Christmas Eve services.  The sanctuary was packed and the music was lovely.  It is always so special for me when the candles are lit and the church sanctuary begins to glow brighter and brighter as each one passes on their light to their neighbor.

Luke with Car


And what was Spud doing during the service?  He was keeping a firm “grip” on one of his cars as he hummed along with the music.  Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night!



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