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I can’t believe that it is Friday yet again.  I kind of wish it weren’t because this means that our visit here in Texas with our children and granddaughter is nearing an end.  Phooey!  But like Scarlett O’Hara, I won’t think about that just yet.  Instead I’ll concentrate on the good things that have been the highlight of this past week.  So let’s look back, shall we, over my Fave Fives which, not surprisingly, are pretty much from a Nana’s point of view.

1.  Getting to spend more time with our son Jason, daughter-in-law Laura, and granddaughter Mika.  It has been such a blessing to be able to see them every day this week.  With the arrival of the Commander (PawPaw), I’ve had the joy of watching Mika interact with her PawPaw, too.  That’s been a lot of fun.

 2.  Of course, Mika, our little granddaughter has been a highlight of this week.  She is such a cutie pie whether she is fussing or babbling happily.  We are both quite charmed and totally smitten.

 3.  Being able to attend Mika’s Texas dedication.  We already had the pleasure of being at Mika’s dedication up at our home church.  So I was so happy to be able to be here this past Sunday to see Mika dedicated at Laura’s home church.  This time, Mika stayed awake the whole time and didn’t fuss at all.  In fact, she gave everyone the once over during the dedication.  Then she promptly fell asleep in her daddy’s arms for the rest of the service.

4.  Watching a baby explore the world.  It’s been so much fun to see Mika exploring the world around her.  She is discovering new things each day.  It’s almost like being a kid again ourselves.  It’s amazing how babies use all of their senses (smell, taste, touch, hearing, seeing) to try to make sense of things.

5.  Spending time in Texas.  We both just love Texas.  It’s always a treat to be able to come to the great state of Texas and one of these days, we hope to be able to move here.  In the meantime, we have to content ourselves with visiting relatives and doing all the goofy touristy things.

Incidentally, when we were taking the elevator up to the observation deck of the San Jacinto monument, the elevator operator stopped on the 2nd floor to let off an employee.  I almost jumped off with her as the door opened to reveal floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with marvelous old books.  It was their library and archives.  The Commander laughed and joked with the elevator operator, saying “You almost lost my wife on this floor when she saw that library.”

The operator said, “Well, we have a librarian and an archivist and neither one is a native Texan.  Some of us think that’s pretty terrible.”

Ouch!  I replied, “Maybe they’re Texans at heart.”  Because believe me, we are out there and we can’t all claim to be native Texans.

That’s my Fave Five for this week.  If you’d like to see what others are faving this week, visit Susanne’s site at Living to tell the Story.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • That is quite a view! You made me laugh when you said you almost got out at the books. I can relate.

    Mika is so darn cute. Love her hairdo for her dedication. Enjoy and soak up every minute with that darling, Grandma!

  • Being from Texas, I totally got the comment about ‘not being a native Texan.’ Even though I GREW UP THERE ENTIRELY – not being “native” is still counted against me.=D

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!g

  • Hi Dee! Oh it is amazing how these little ones capture our lives and our attention. How wonderful that you could spend time with her. She’s a cutie! Enjoy…

  • What a sweet little girl! Glad you got to spend time with your family this week!

  • Mika is such a doll. How great that you can enjoy her this week. What a great Nana you must be!

    It is a beautiful view. Have a good trip home and happy weekend.

  • I know exactly how you feel about your Mika–that’s how we are with our New Boy! Enjoy every second you’re with her!

    Books? Lots of books??!

    Have a great weekend and safe flight back.

  • I’ve never really spent any significant time in Texas, but you make it sound fun. And being with your granddaughter must have been wonderful.

  • Mika is an adorable little girl with a very cute name! How wonderful that her parents have chosen to dedicate her to the Lord from the very beginning! 🙂

  • Oh my! Mika is just TOO cute. I’m sure you have enjoyed every second with her.


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