My Week of Walking Dangerously

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I tried a little experiment this week.  I decided to change the way I walk.  Normally I am the most klutzy of people.  I tend to walk quickly from point to point, my head down, eyes downcast, often stumbling over non-existent obstacles.  But this week I decided to walk like I owned the place…like I was staking out my territory wherever I trod.

I practiced gliding down the driveway to pick up the paper in the mornings and sinuously making my way to the mailbox in the afternoons.  When I walked into a room, I made an entrance, striding slowly and deliberately with my head held high.

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I made my way through the supermarket and the crowds parted.  I was a lioness on the hunt and woe to anyone who came between me and my Twinkies.  I sauntered across the post office parking lot and into the Post Office.  Conversations stopped and heads turned as I entered the room and surveyed my domain.  I could feel eyes on me as I did my catwalk to the counter to drop off my packages.

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Wherever I’ve gone this week, I’ve continued “the walk”, adding a steely gaze as I enter a room, sweeping the horizon and ready to pierce or dismiss as my whim dictates (think Eric Northman from “True Blood”).

It’s been quite an experiment and this is what I’ve discovered.  The way you carry yourself really has an effect on how people react to you.  I didn’t lose another 30 pounds, get a beauty makeover, or suddenly become drop-dead gorgeous but I’ve definitely been enjoying the attention and confidence that a little “attitude” has brought my way.  Purrr!

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Love it! You are oh, so right.

    Your descriptions are great – and I love the ‘cat’ photos to go with!


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