My Fave Five Ridiculous Picks of the Week

It’s been a quirky kind of week, my friends.  Since I’m trying to learn to “go with the flow”, I think I’ll continue that quirkiness by giving you my five favorite ridiculous things I encountered these last seven days.

1.  Bacon Sundaes – Yup, you read that right.  Denny’s Restaurant has come out with a “bacon” promotion and one of the things on the menu is a bacon sundae.  The ingredients are candied bacon, maple syrup, and vanilla ice cream.  Now I’m all for sundaes and I consistently like to swipe my bacon through the leftover syrup when I eat my pancakes but I’m just not sure I can eat sundaes and bacon together.  For some reason, the vanilla ice cream makes me think of Crisco lard when I see bacon on top of it.  Well, here’s a little video about Denny’s bacon offerings, if you are hardy enough to want to try this treat.

2.  An iPad Jacket – I was reading through one of my iPhone magazines the other day and stumbled across this nifty pullover that lets you stay warm while you walk AND compute on your iPad. 

It’s available from Alphyn Industries and you can find it here if you are interested.  It’s even on sale.  The normal price is $285 but it’s on sale for $185.25 right now.  Of course, you will look like the ultimate geek when wearing it but hey, be a free spirit!

3.  Donald Trump as a possible Presidential candidate – My hubby told me the other day that the morning news was reporting on people who were “favorites” right now to run for president.  Apparently Donald Trump was on their list.  Oy!  And I thought the unibrow guy who ran for PA governor was a problem.  I don’t think I could take a whole campaign of “The Donald’s” hairdo.

4.  New Gmail Motion Development – In an inspired move, Google has developed a new way to handle your email if you use Gmail.  It’s called Gmail Motion and it involves a sophisticated body movement recognition system invented by Google that will simplify how you read and respond to your email.  Watch and learn, Young Grasshoppers!

5.  Rising Gas Prices – I’m not laughing about these but I still find them ridiculous.  It has become somewhat of a game with me to see how often in a week our gas prices can rise and sometimes, how often in a day.  At this rate, we’ll be hitting $5 per gallon in no time.

If you’d like to play along with your own “Fave Five” list today, head over to Susanne’s blog at Living to tell the Story and click on Mr. Linky to add your own blog post.  Then read what the rest of us have posted.  You might even make some new blogging friends.  It’s a great group of people.

P.S. For those of you who are busy gesturing at your in-boxes right now, I’m going to take pity on you and let you in on a little secret: #4 was an April Fool’s joke.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Candied bacon, maple syrup, and vanilla ice cream, I could never eat that ! that’s too fat ! Is weight watcher the sponsor ? To get new clients ?
    The Google motion video is hilarious especially because I have an Italian husband and he always speaks with his whole body and especially the hands, lol !

  • A bacon sundae. That’s a first. But I bet it’s delicious! I watched the Gmail video too. I didn’t know it was a joke! Ha. Crazy. Gas prices—I’m not laughing either. Yuck.

  • Bacon on a sundae? Ipad sweatshirt? What next?

    Your post was great and made me laugh – all but the rising gas prices one ….

  • Hahahaha @ the April Fool’s Joke. That’s a good one. Wish the Bacon Sundae and Gas prices also were April Fool Jokes.

  • I loved your list, you Americans are such inventive people! But I don’t think I can eat ice cream and bacon either! Have a great weekend!

  • I have to admit, your ridiculous 5 were certainly ridiculous!!

    I watched about 30 sec. of the video and thought, “This HAS to be an April Fool’s joke!” I was certainly relieved to see that it was.

    HA! Great list. Made me smile.

  • well I am not an advocate of Denny’s at all so I definitely DON’T like the idea of BACON??? with ice cream…ugh…only in America, huh?
    Love your humor with the fave fives! The Google thing is a riot….and whoa….an ipad jacket..what will they think of next?!

  • I can just see my son buying one of those jackets! I knew about chocolate covered bacon, but a bacon sundae? No thanks! I wonder how many people were ‘fooled’ by google 🙂
    I agree about not being able to deal with Donald hair for four years!

  • How funny! I love that people are always thinking. I’m like that with my iPad quite a bit of the time, but I don’t think I need it attached to me, just yet. LOL! thanks for the laughs. The gmail video is hilarious.


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