MUCH Easier Than a Full-Course Meal!

I was eating dinner out with the Commander last evening and as I sat there licking BBQ sauce off of my fingers, I said to him, “You know, THIS is why just eating dessert for your meal is SO much more efficient.”

He stopped eating his chicken and shrimp and looked at me.

“I mean, just think about it.  It’s the perfect meal.  There’s usually only one dish, you can finish your meal in less than 20 minutes, and if it’s something like a DQ Blizzard, you just throw the cup in the trash when you’re done and there’s no clean-up afterwards,” I explained.

“Plus it’s so easy to sit and read while you eat it,” I continued.

He shook his head.

Some people get around this by just having “liquid” meals.  That’s really not my style.  Why have a drink when you can have dessert?

And I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy eating.  I also enjoy things other than dessert, as long as it has cheese, butter, or something deep-fried associated with it.  I just don’t enjoy taking time out of my creative meanderings during the day to stop and fix a complete meal.  For some reason, that creative flow keeps on flowing, though, when all I have to do is get in the car, drive several blocks to the local Dairy Queen, pull up to the drive-through window, pick up my Blizzard, drive home, plop down at the table, turn on my Kindle, and eat my Blizzard while I read for 15 minutes.  Once that Blizzard is history, a quick toss into the garbage can and I’m off and running again (or waddling, as the case may be).

I could see that I wasn’t penetrating the Commander’s protein-induced haze so I gave up and dunked a few more extra-crispy fries into the mayo and decided that this was a “different strokes for different folks” time, just as my mother used to say.  Or was that my college roommate?

Well, THAT’S my solution to simplifying the meal crises in America.  Forget full-course meals.  Just eat desserts.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get up from the computer and go plan supper.  I rest my case!

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