Mr. Lion, Mr. Lion…..Where Art Thou?

Day Five with the Grandkids and I’m still standing.  Well, that’s when I’m not crawling around on the floor playing with them.  Today, Sweet Pea wasn’t feeling very well so her mommy brought out the “big guns”….a container of lots of little cars and we had a LONG playtime with them.

Somehow it became a mash-up of playing cars and playing “zoo” because we also added two lions, two cows, and a sea turtle to the mix.

Oh, and did I mention the airplane that was buzzing the whole scene with various pilots, including one rather crazy sea turtle and a rabbit?

Mr. Lion, Senior decided to go on “walkabout” and kept disappearing and then we’d have to stop our play to try to figure out where he had headed off to.  Usually, he was discovered in a pillowcase but once he somehow made it all the way into Sweet Pea’s parents’ bedroom.

Mr. Lion even had the audacity to make a little “cave” in my pants leg and he fooled us all for several minutes until one of the cows stumbled across him as he was “moooooving” up my leg.

In the meantime, Spud was playing the role of “Godzilla” and moving through the area creating general havoc amongst the cars and trucks, throwing them with glee.  I told Sweet Pea that we should pretend that Spud was a hurricane.

It was finally time for lunch and time for the Commander and I to head out to Home Depot.  We left Sweet Pea in charge of the wildlife.  A fun time was had by all, despite aches and pains and some upset tummies.

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