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OK, I’ve joined the hordes of pre-teens and teenagers who are reading the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer.  You know the one, the books about vampires and werewolves set amidst high school drama.  In my defense, I held out for a long time.  Oh, I had several of the films in my Netflix queue but I hadn’t watched them yet.  Then the other week I got my Nook from Barnes and Noble.

It was while I was browsing through the store, electronically speaking, that I thought I’d read a few pages of “Twilight” to see what all the buzz was about.  I have to tell you, it didn’t take long for me to be drawn into the story.  I’ve always had a soft spot for tales of somewhat benign vampires, ever since my days in high school and college watching the “Dark Shadows” TV series.  I was enthralled with Barnabas Collins back in those days.  He was a reluctant vampire who loved a young governess in a spooky New England town full of kooks, ghosts, witches, etc.  The show was a daily soap opera and I’d race home to see what would happen next.  Once I got to college, I joined the throngs of girls in our TV rec room in the dorm in the late afternoons where we all sat watching the story unfold.  So you see, it is only natural that I’d feel an affinity to this type of story.

In actuality, the first book in the series is rather refreshing.  I haven’t stumbled across any pornography or gratuitous violence yet, thank goodness.  The story so far has been one filled with situations that I could readily identify with when thinking back to my days as a teenager feeling like I never quite “fit in” with those around me (talking now about the non-supernatural parts of the storyline).  I can’t identify with juggling between parents because of divorce but I suspect there are many kids out there who can.  So for now, just about 1/4th through the first book, I can say that I’m enjoying it.  And I just got an email from Netflix that told me the first Twilight movie has worked its way up to the head of my queue and is now in the mail.  It will be interesting to see how the movie compares to the book.

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