Out of the Mouths of Babes

I’m down at my daughter’s home for the week helping with my little grandson and, if he could talk, I’m thinking this is what he’d be saying, based on these pictures:

Watching Grandma


“Whatcha doing, Grandma?  Are you pointing that camera at me again?”

Over Shoulder


Oh, oh…Grandma, save me!  I think she wants to take me off to have another nap.  How many does a kid have to take in one day, for Pete’s sake?”

Josh fist


Hey, Grandma…I’m trying to wiggle free but a little help would be appreciated.”

Save Me


Save me, Grandma, save me.  I may be wearing stripes but I don’t want to ‘do time’ behind the bars of my crib.”



Ah, gee, you guys don’t let a fella have any fun and that half hour on the play mat doesn’t count.  I had a full diaper.”

Personally, I don’t know what little Bucky is complaining about.  I would have been thrilled to have someone suggest a nap to me.

That’s why I’m calling it quits early tonight.  The wind is howling outside my windows and the temperature is supposed to get to zero tonight with a wind chill warning predicting temps of 15 below to 25 below.  Ugh.

Hiding Toto


Little Toto has the right idea.  I returned from the bathroom to find her buried under my covers.  I had to lift them up just to find her.  Guess I’ll be enjoying a “doggy foot warmer” tonight.  Stay warm everyone.


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