More Treasures Uncovered

I should be hunching over the computer listing more things on Ebay for my brother but wanted to quickly put up some more fun things we found the other day while working on our “Mom” project.

Old merit badges my brother earned in Boy Scouts (and never sewed on his uniform – for shame!)

An Alvin and the Chipmunks glass that we both drank out of as kids over the years.

A very well-loved doll house that belonged to my grandmother.  It dates from the early 1900’s.  What is particularly charming about it, is the fact that it has my grandma’s and her sister’s names scrawled childishly over the inside wall.

A Tru-Scale seed planter toy that my brother used to play with ENDLESSLY in our sandbox.  We even found a little ball in the seed chamber.  There is no way that little ball would have fit through the holes to be “planted” but I guess my brother didn’t understand those things back in the day.

And this old dinged up 5-cup sifter that my grandmother used to bake countless pies and cakes.  Yum, I can smell them even now as I go back in time looking at this.

If any of you ever get to this stage of life where a parent dies or goes into a nursing home and you have to clean out your childhood home, you will understand the flood of emotions that we have been experiencing this past week.  So many memories have been surfacing as we hold these objects in our hands. 

Well, that’s all I have time for.  If you want to look at the other things we have up on Ebay so far, I believe you can reach them by going to this link.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • That dollhouse is precious! Will you be keeping it for display or selling it?

    What an emotional time for you both. I’m glad you have someone who shares the memories to go through this with you.


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