Mika, the Little Goat-Herder

I come from a long line of ancestors who worked with animals and loved them.  In fact, my grandfather loved his dairy cattle so much that he could never make himself cull the herd when they no longer produced, which didn’t make him a very good dairy farmer.  It did, however, make quite an impression on me, as I would watch him standing in the barnyard crying as the glue truck would arrive to cart off another dead cow when one would die of old age.  I could see how deeply he felt for each one of them. It’s nice to see that little Mika seems to have inherited that same love of animals.

At our recent trip to the Houston Zoo, Mika’s favorite place was the Children’s Zoo where she could pet a herd of goats.  She was absolutely fearless around them and delighted in “loving them up.”

“Let me give you a little hug.”
“You look like you could use a little love pat.”
Another hug for this little guy
“Let me give you a new hairdo.”

Mika was particularly fascinated by how the goats ate from the trough. In fact she was SO fascinated that she decided she might give it a try.

“Is this how you do it?”
“I’m not fond of alfalfa but I’ll give you a kiss any day.”

At one point Mika spotted some goat “poo” on the ground and ran over and picked it up before we could stop her and then held it out to us and brightly said, “Rock.”  Uh, no, Mika.  That’s not a rock.  Don’t you just love the optimism of the young who can make a rock out of poop?

Finally it was time to go but not before one more kiss for Mika’s favorite goat.  I have a feeling this won’t be the last time that Mika visits those goats.

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  • Sounds like you had as much fun as Mika!


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