And a Merry Christmas to All!

Kitty Nana

Look, Nana! I got a kitty!


Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.  I’ll try to keep my verbage to a minimum and let you enjoy our Christmas in pictures.  We started our day with a breakfast casserole and then our daughter-in-law took the children outside to “search” for presents as the elves (us) quickly brought gifts out of hiding places and set them under the tree.  Soon the kids returned to discover a room filled with presents.

Peace Pillowcase


No. 1 Son opened up his special pillowcase and got a good laugh out of it.  Well, in my defense, it is hard to find fabric with a “peace” theme.


New Sandals


His old sandals were almost completely worn out and to the point of being held together with duct tape so a gift of new Teva sandals was happily received.


New Shoes

Beep, Beep!


Spud got a cute pair of shoes that look like little cars.  They’re a little big right now but he clomped around the house all morning in them.

New Vaccum


Since Spud enjoys helping Mommy around the house, we thought he might enjoy his own vacuum.  It was a big hit.  I’m not saying that the “noise” from the vacuum was as big a hit with his parents.


Let me show you how it is done.


Big sister had to jump in and show him the correct way to vacuum.  I think she just enjoyed the noise.

Little Vet

Dr. Mika is taking patients now.


Speaking of noise, Sweet Pea got a “veterinarian’s” outfit with appropriate accessories.  She loves her stuffed kitties and since her mommy is a doctor, we thought she might enjoy practicing “medicine”  on animals.

Dr_ Mika


She started out giving shots to her kitties, which was fine and dandy but that soon progressed to making the rounds to give shots to the rest of us.

Shot in the Ear


Ouch!  I think her bedside manner leaves a little something to be desired.


No, Luke….don’t press that button!


One of the accessories that came with the outfit was a stethoscope.  We thought that once the batteries were inserted, it would play the sound of a heartbeat.  Nope!  It kept playing the sounds of a barking dog…….over and over and over!  Little Spud REALLY enjoyed pressing the button to hear the barking.

Lola's Pillowcase


Lola got a pillowcase that reflected the “joys” of mothering with lots of humorous sayings on the fabric.

Luke's Vest


I DID finish little Luke’s vest in time for Christmas but forgot the matching hat, leaving it behind in Pennsylvania.  At least we got to see him in his vest on this trip.

Busytown Game


There were games that the siblings took much interest in.  Thank goodness that they didn’t fight over them but instead, shared them for mutual fun.


Ah, a little higher!


And when it comes to mutual fun, there’s nothing like a little one to walk (or sit) on tired backs at the end of a great Christmas day to help you feel your best.



Maybe only one other thing can top it……goofing around with your grown sibling.

We hope you were able to enjoy Christmas today with loved ones or at least be able to get in touch with them via phone or Skype.  May the wonder of this holiday season continue to fill your hearts in the coming year.  Merry Christmas!


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