Match Point….No,Wait!

When the Commander came down for breakfast this morning, he suggested that I might want to go turn on the TV and watch the tennis match that was about to begin.

“They were really hyping it up on the news a few minutes ago,” he said.  “Apparently it is going to be THE match to watch.  It’s being played at Wimbledon.”

“I would have thought that the Wimbledon matches were already over since they started at the end of June,” I mused aloud.

“They’re just playing the matches at Wimbledon.  These are for the Olympics,” he patiently explained.  “I guess the British didn’t feel a need to build a new set of courts since they happened to have a spare set of courts sitting around that are pretty famous.”

“Oh, duh….of course,” I laughed.

I dutifully poured myself a bowl of cereal and headed downstairs.

By the time I had made it down there, Serena Williams had already won 4 sets and was heading for a fifth set victory.

“Wow, you should have seen this return!” I called up to the Commander.  “Serena just returned a volley right to one ball’s width of the back line and of course, Sharapova missed it.  What a return!”

“Hey, Sharapova was ahead on this set but now Serena has rallied and they are 40-all,” I yelled.  “I think we might be coming up on the set point.”

The Commander came downstairs and walked into his computer room.  As I continued to describe the action, he interrupted me.

“I don’t need a blow-by-blow commentary,” he dryly pointed out.

“I wonder how many sets they have to play before they do a ‘match point’?  I thought it was six but it must be more,” I thought aloud.

I turned off the TV.  “I’m thinking it’s a given that Williams is going to win the gold medal so I’m not going to watch any more,” I told the Commander.  I think I heard a sigh of relief.

I REALLY need to be watching tennis at the home of my daughter-in-law’s parents.  They are tennis players and they explain things to me when I watch.  It’s like having my own personal expert commentator sitting beside me.  Otherwise I spend more time trying to remember the scoring rules from the last time I played (cough, cough….1970’s), comparing the tennis outfits, rolling my eyes at the grunts and bird-like squeaks the players are making these days, and checking out hairdos in the crowd.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Can you believe it? I don’t watch the Olympics – especially the summer ones. Winter Olympics….I’m more interested in. Especially figure skating and hockey. But I don’t go out of my way to watch them, either.

    Unpatriotic and unnatural, I know.


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