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I’m on Facebook a lot and lately there seem to be a bunch of quizzes going around.  It seems like every day, one friend or another posts a link to another quiz we can take that gives us yet another insight into who we are.

I decided to just gather all the latest quizzes that I’ve wasted time with, er taken and list them all here along with the links to them so you can take these quizzes yourself, if you are so inclined.

Are you a Downton Abbey fan?  You can find the Downton Abbey quiz here .   I’m Lady Edith.    Now I would have originally guessed that I was more like Matthew’s mother, annoying and always trying to do the right thing but then, I’m not really pushy.  I’m much more passive-agressive, which is what Lady Edith is so I guess my results are more accurate.

What kind of drink are you? here  I’m a fine glass of wine, thank you very much.  Apparently not everyone can appreciate me.  Well, duh!  They must be peasants.

Which Avengers character are you? here  I’m the Hulk – simple desires with a dark, wild side.  Uh-huh.  Just don’t get me mad and I won’t unleash the beast.

Which Sesame Street Character are you? here  So, apparently I’m Mr. Snuffleupagus – a gentle giant who doesn’t seek out attention.  Obviously this quiz wasn’t in tune with my theatrical side.

Which clique would you end up in if you could go back to high school? here  According to the results, I’d be with the Stoners.  Bummer, Man!

What classic rock band are you?  here  Gee, I’d be rocking with Led Zeppelin.  I really don’t know many of their songs but there are several that I’ve always enjoyed.

What Jane Austen heroine are you?  here  I’m Fanny Price, the heroine of Mansfield Park, shy and moral, who takes the high ground and tries to do what is right.  I think she prevailed in the end, so I’m not going to complain about these results.

Which Peanuts character are you?  here  I’m Schroeder, brilliant, brooding, focused, which pretty much sums up the artistic temperament, no?  Now, where did I leave that sonnet I’m writing?

What state do you actually belong in?  here  I should be residing in Wyoming.  I actually lived across the border from Wyoming after I graduated from college and spent quite a bit of time driving up to the Medicine Bow area.  Loved that area but then I got the wanderlust and joined the Army, got orders to Germany and left Wyoming in my dust.

If you’re tempted to take some of these quizzes, just click on the “here” links and see how they would define you.  You might be surprised.







  • karyn

    The only one I took was the ‘which state should you live in?’ I got Georgia.

    • booklassie

      I’ll bet Georgia sounds pretty good right now (well, except for the occasional freak ice storm) when in the middle of a Canadian winter.

      • karyn

        Jim and I lived in Louisiana for a winter a few years ago. I love the people in the south and a winter with no bundling up to go outside and no worries about the road conditions was wonderful. But come spring and tornado warnings every night – I couldn’t wait to get back home. (Still miss the ‘warm culture’ people, though)

        And just now……I’ve been walking around with nothing more than a sweater for the last few days. The roads are dry and the sky is sunny.

        Of course all that could change tomorrow.


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