Mama Has a Brand New Tooth

It has been a long, long haul but I am finally done with this oral implant procedure.  Would you believe that it all started back in March of this year?  I had to have a molar pulled that was beyond saving.  The tooth was cracked and the root had become infected, swelling my gum up around the darn tooth.  There were various reasons why my dentist and I decided to to with the oral implant versus other, cheaper methods to replace the tooth.  The main reason was that I had already had eight teeth pulled over the years when I had  to go through braces twice and then have my wisdom teeth removed.  So we wanted to save the teeth that I have and my dentist really didn’t want to have to start shaving down healthy teeth to make room for a crown or partial denture.  Oral implants are considered the “gold standard” of replacing teeth so I decided to go that route.  I really had no idea at the time, though, that it was going to be such a LONG route.

My first dental surgery was in March to remove the infected tooth and to have some bone grafted into the jaw area (I’m not sure of the technical terms for all of this but bear with me).  My next surgery was three months later when the oral surgeon inserted a post into my jaw where the new fake tooth would go.  Then I had to wait another three months for that to heal before my regular dentist could take impressions of the area to have those sent off to a dental lab to have my new tooth made.  Of course, while I was in for the impressions, he was also matching tooth color and assuring me that there would be no “shots” involved for the final stage of the implant procedure.  Yay!  My dentist knows me well.  He knows that I really don’t like pain.

Well, today I went to the dentist for the final stage of this whole thing.  I can tell you that I did NOT have to have any shot.  I can tell you that I did NOT feel any pain whatsoever despite the fact that he unscrewed the “cap” that was over the post sticking out of my jaw.  Then he screwed on the abutment over the post and then finally screwed on the tooth onto the abutment, securing it with some mid-level glue.  He checked my bite numerous times, doing some adjusting.  Don’t ask me what he was doing.  I had my eyes shut during the whole time.  I only know that it didn’t hurt.

The final result is that I now have a tooth where that little post used to stick out.  No longer will I have to try to dig corn kernels out of that little area.  I can now chew on both sides of my mouth.  Hallelujah!  My only restriction is that I have to wait one hour before eating today and then there are no restrictions.  Well, I take that back.  My dentist told me that I might want to steer clear of candied apples.  Fine by me!  Those aren’t high on my irresistible foods list.  To celebrate, I’m going to go do some knitting and then make some noodles up and have those for lunch.  Even though I’m cleared to chew regularly now, I think I’ll ease my way back into things.

Was it worth all of this?  I’d have to say “yes.”  Now excuse me while I go smile at myself in the mirror for awhile.


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