Look Who Turns One Today!

Today was Mika’s first birthday.  Even though she’s been sick with diarrhea for about a week and had an upset tummy yesterday, she rallied today and managed a Skype call with PawPaw in Pennsylvania and Grandpa and Grandma Byrne in Texas.

Next on the agenda was a birthday cake celebration with Mommy and Daddy, Nana, and the wonderful lady who helps out during the week.  We had thought that if we put a piece of cake on the floor and then set her down next to it, she would go over and explore and soon there would be a big gooey mess.  Wrong!

Mika wasn’t interested at all in the cake.  She kept trying to crawl off and protested when we tried to redirect her attention to the cake.

Finally we gave up and cut ourselves pieces of cake.  Laura ended up eating most of Mika’s piece but then a funny thing happened.  Mika grabbed the spatula and began licking that.  Soon she was expressing a little more interest in the cake.  Guess those initial licks caused her to reevaluate her initial thoughts on the value of cake.

By the time the celebration was finished, Mika wasn’t as dirty as some children I’ve known but she had a creditable amount of cake on her and on the floor.  It was time to whisk her off for a bath while Daddy and Nana cleaned off the floor.

Then Daddy and Nana began to feel the effects of all that sugar.  As much as it pains me to admit it, in this instance, Laura outdid us in eating cake.  This will probably NEVER happen again.  Jason was feeling so whoozy that he had to go lie down for a few minutes to get over his sugar stupor while I went to work on editing the pictures.  At least for now, I don’t want to see another piece of cake.  I know, it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

Happy birthday, little Mika!  May you enjoy many, many more birthday celebrations surrounded by loved ones.

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Hot Flashed Funk

  • Amen to that last statement!

    Sounds like fun. Glad the little one was able to enjoy herself in spite of being sick.


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