Look Who Dropped in on Labor Day!

It’s Labor Day here in the States and our little family overseas gave us a surprise call this morning (10 p.m. their time) via Skype.  The connection wasn’t the best, hence the poor quality of the pictures but I’ll take these over NO pictures any day.  It was so great to see the three of them.  Hasn’t little Mika grown?

Even though it was late at night for them, everyone was in a good mood, including the baby and we had a fine chat.

Mika is now pulling herself up to stand on anything that will support her weight and this new-found sense of empowerment has given her a new case of the “wiggles.”

“Who, me, Nana?  I’m not a wiggle-worm.”


“Look, Mika!  It’s Nana and PawPaw there on the little computer screen.  Can you wave at them?”

  “No, no….Mommy!  Let me go.  I have places to go and things to get into.”


“Here, Mika.  Why don’t you get up close and blow a kiss at Nana and PawPaw?”


“OK, Daddy.  It’s your turn to entertain me.”
“You are such an AWESOME daddy!”

“Ack, Mommy!  Where did my eyes go?”  
“Ooh, these come off and I think I can make them into a toy.”
“Or maybe I’ll just eat them for a bedtime snack because it looks like Skype is shutting down.  Bye, Nana and PawPaw!”

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