Lions, Tiggers, and Bears…..Oh, My!

It’s our first full day down in Texas with the grandkids and what a difference just a few months have wrought!  When Sweet Pea left us in January, she was insisting on being addressed as “Miss Mika.”  Now, however, her imagination has come in like….well, a roaring lion.  She is so many different characters in the course of the day that it leaves my head spinning.

We arrived early yesterday afternoon and she is still refusing to be addressed as Mika.  Let’s see, she has been “Worm”, “Scar”, “Mommy”, “Nana”, “Daddy Fish”, “Christopher Robin”, and “Pooh.”  I have been, alternately, “Mika”, “Butterfly”, “Tigger”, and “Nemo.”

It was quite the experience this morning going to Wal-mart with Sweet Pea and her daddy.  We were informed by a certain little Miss that she was to be called “Nana”, I was to be “Mika” and her daddy was to be called “PawPaw.”  So there we went around the store with us calling out to each other in our assigned names.  Not many twenty-eight month-olds can carry off the moniker “Nana.”

In the meantime, her brother, Luke, can’t really tell us what HE wants to be called since he is only communicating currently with grunts, squeals, babbling, and shrieks.  He does certainly get his point across, though.  Occasionally he finds it a little tough to keep up with Big Sis but since he crawled a little further today, I think her days of relative peace are close to being over.

Before bedtime tonight we played “I Spy”, Sweet Pea showed me how to solve a wooden brainteaser puzzle in her own delightful way, we showed Brother how to play rhythm band with some pots and pans, did a few victory dances with two of her lions, and then I waved the white flag and put my feet up while Momma took over and put her to bed.

PawPaw is currently snoozing on the couch and I have a feeling that I won’t be far behind but I can hear Mika chattering away in her bedroom.  Ah, to have that energy!  Tomorrow we’re off on an adventure to the Children’s Museum.  I hope I can keep all of our names straight.

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