Knitting Faith, Hope, and Love

Today I officially finished another square for my Great American Aran Afghan.  This square is the one designed by Vicki Sever.  It’s called the “Faith, Hope, and Love” Square and the inspiration for her design was the loss of her sister to breast cancer some years ago.

In her design, her square is knit in the typical off-white Aran yarn with the option of having the ribbon either knit from the same white yarn or done in a pink yarn.  The design also calls for the ribbon to be knit right as you go along, as part of the square.  That seemed a tad too fussy (well, make that complicated) for me so I simplified it some.  I just left off the ribbon and knit a straight moss stitch background in that portion of the square.  Then I knit a simple I-cord in my coordinating color of yarn and sewed it onto the moss background.

Here is a view of the side of the square.  The symbols here also represent things.  The heart stands for “love,”  the anchor stands for “hope,” and the cross at the top stands for “faith.”

The same symbols run along the bottom.  What a lovely sentiment and even nicer is the chance to knit it up and have it be a part of this afghan that I’m knitting.  Our knitting group that is tackling the Great American Aran Afghan has decided to continue on through the summer, meeting and working on one square a month and I’m certainly glad for this.  It’s excellent motivation for me to continue challenging myself as a knitter with things I never would have tried on my own.  I’m certainly going to feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m done with this afghan.  Only 16 more squares to go!

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