Kitchen Remodel – Phase Two, Day Three

Walls Spackled

Walls Spackled

Day Three has come to an end and we’re making progress.  As the Commander told our painter, “It’s nice to see something going ON the walls now instead of coming OFF.”

Yes, most of the wallpaper and the backing is now off of the kitchen walls.  I say “most” because there is one patch behind our gas stove that still has to be removed but more on that in a minute.  Our painter finished up the day by applying spackling compound to the wall areas where the drywall had to be repaired.  On Day Four he will be sanding those areas and applying a layer of tinted primer before he begins the actual painting.

Filling Up

Filling Up

We’re continuing to fill up our sunroom (and our living room) with things from the dining room and stove.  Ah, the stove.  Darn, that bugger is heavy.  It’s a gas stove so we really don’t want to have to get the gas turned off.  That meant that we needed to move the stove far enough out of it’s little alcove for the painter to squeeze behind it to remove the rest of the cursed green wallpaper.

Poor Commander!  Have you ever felt really helpless when someone has been trying to move something and you knew you couldn’t really help them?  I don’t have any strength to speak of and I knew I couldn’t provide any additional brute force to move that stove.  It was all on his shoulders (and back and arms).  What I COULD do was slide cardboard under it as the Commander lifted it up, first in the front and then in the back.  That made it a little easier to slide it out on the linoleum.

Blasted Stove Vent!

Blasted Stove Vent!

The next thing that had to be done was to remove the stove vent.  Oh, my…was that ever a chore.  All I could do was hold the flashlight and aim it wherever the Commander directed.  He had all the hard work, trying to contort his body into a small, confined space and then maneuver that power drill up at an odd angle to get LOTS of screws out.  He worked and worked to get that thing loose.  Finally it came down but then it stopped.  Ah, it was attached to a cord going into our wall.

By this point (oh, let’s not kid ourselves – I would have never even gotten to this point) I would have just cut the darn cord but the Commander figured out how to unattach the wires enough to finally thread them through the tiny hole in the back of the whole vent, which he was having to support with one hand while he unscrewed screws with his other hand.

Oh, yes, the screwdriver!  At one point, he sent me downstairs to get a screwdriver.

“What size should I get?” I asked.

“Just get a medium sized flat head screwdriver,” he directed.  “They’re above my workbench.”

I came back up, huffing and puffing.  “That’s just great,” I told him, “if you’re 6’3″ but not if you’re 5’4″ like me and trying to push it UP and out of that holder you have it hanging in.”   He obviously hangs things for HIS height.

By the time he had it all disconnected, his sentences were getting shorter.

“Garage door!”, he huffed.

I was pretty amazed that he stacked it neatly in the garage.  If it had been me, I would have drop kicked it out the back door.

The silver lining in all of this is that we’re going to get a new stove vent.  I’ve been wanting a stainless steel one for some time and, as the Commander told me, “If we get a new one, someone else can put it back in place.”

Amen to that!



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