Just Going With the Flow

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I headed off to visit my mom in the nursing home today, thinking that it would just be a quick half-hour drive and then I’d be there.  Wrong!  I should have realized something was afoot when I got off the turnpike and found myself in a long line of traffic just crawling along.

This wasn’t ordinary traffic either.  Most of the vehicles on the road were souped-up trucks with fancy grills, extreme shocks, enhanced stereos, chrome mods, and polished to perfection.  My little Pontiac Vibe just fell into line but I like to think that it held its own with its snazzy red paint, perky knitting decals, and souped up exhaust pipe.  No?

I pulled into the corner Sheetz to get my Diet Cola and asked the clerk what was going on in town.  He looked at me like I was the only person in town who didn’t know.

“It’s the Truck Nationals,” he said, shaking his head.  “It’s going to be crazy all weekend.”

Oh, boy.  Wouldn’t you know?  Well, I’d come this far so I figured I might as well fall back into the line of traffic and continue on to the nursing home.

I pulled back onto the road behind two monster trucks with their windows down and the bass beat of their music shaking everything within a 2-block radius.  I’m not sure what came over me but I just felt a little wild so I flipped on my stereo, turned up the volume,  and rolled my windows down.

“Welcome to ‘Learning Indonesian’.  I am your native guide and today we will be learning how to order things in the market place.  Repeat after me, ‘Boleh Saya Minta Itu?’,” she requested.

“Boleh Saya…..” I chanted with gusto as I headed on down the road.

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