Jack Sprout and the Bunny Killer

Hi, Grandma!

Hi, Grandma!

Baby Joshua is home and I’ve come down, after his first week with Mommy and Daddy, to help out now that Daddy has gone back to work.  My faithful little Toto has come with me.  Joshua and I have been having lots of fun together.

Cohort in Crime

Cohort in Crime

In the meantime, Toto has been enjoying spending time with her “cousins.”  Unfortunately, they might be corrupting her.  Case in point, little Sadie is quite the hunter.  Apparently, so is Toto.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild

This morning, bright and early, I let the dogs outside.  As I was getting my coffee, I glanced out the window and noticed Toto paying particular attention to a spot way in the back of the yard.  She seemed to be eating something.

“Hey, Laura, is there anything out in your yard that the dogs might want to eat?” I asked my daughter, who was busily nursing Bucko.

“No,” she replied.  “Well, maybe mushrooms.  Why?”

“Well, Toto has  been munching away at something that seems to be in whitish clumps out there.  In fact, it’s dangling from her mouth right now.  I can’t get her to come back to the porch either when I call her,” I explained.

Soon Sadie came in but Toto was still happily cruising along the back fence.  I was not amused.  I finally had to resort to putting on my shoes and heading out into the yard in my bathrobe and tromping all the way to the back fence.  I headed for the spot where Toto had been so happily engaged.  Ugh!  There were clumps of fur on the ground.

Toto, in the meantime, would stare at me and then run further along the fence and then look back at me as if to say, “What?  You expect me to come back inside when I have this entire fenced-in yard to explore AND it comes stocked with food?”

Guilty Party

Guilty Party

Finally she came in and I told her, “You are getting your face washed, young lady!”  I wet a paper towel and went to wash Toto’s snout and said, “Ew!  Laura, she has a clump of fur dangling from her mouth.”

Yup, that’s Toto.  Apparently, she is a bunny killer.  And she likes to eat them.  Who knew?

It’s already been an eventful week, what with my discovery of a tick crawling on Toto yesterday.  Thank goodness that she has her regular tick medications.  Then Laura called out for me later that morning when I was in the basement putting on my makeup.  I went thundering up the stairs, thinking there was something wrong with the baby, only to discover Laura pointing to a tick crawling on the baby blanket by the baby, as she nursed him.  We were now two ticks past my comfort point.  Laura tells me they have ticks all over their yard.  Oh, great!

Then this morning, after the bunny episode, the doorbell rang and when I opened the door, thinking it was FedEx or UPS, the door alarm started shrieking.  They set the alarms on all their doors and, since no one goes out the front door first thing in the morning, no one had undone that alarm.  Turns out it was a Seventh Day Adventist.

He looked startled.  “We have a newborn baby in this house.  This is NOT a good time,” I snarled and slammed the door.

Ticks and dead bunnies and Adventists.  Wow!  This has already been quite a week.



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    Too much adventure! *chuckle*


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